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  1. Medrol
    Methylprednisolone; Tablets, Dosepak, Injection (solu-medrol), Injection (Depo-Medrol)
  2. Deltasone
    Prednisone; Solution, Tablets oral disintegrating, Tablets
  3. Plasquenil
    Hydroxychloroquine; Tablets
  4. Topamax
    Topiramate; Capsules extended- release
  5. Depakote & Depakote ER
    Tablets enteric-coated, Tablets extended-release, Sprinkle capsules
  6. Diflucan
    Fluconazole; Tablets, Solution for injection
  7. Nystop
    Nystatin; Tablets, Solution for injection
  8. Lipitor
    Atorvastatin; Tablets
  9. Zetia
    Ezetmibe; Tablets
  10. Tricor
    Fenofibrate; Tablets
  11. Trexall
    Methotrexate; Tablets, Injection
  12. Imitrex
    Sumatriptan; Injection, Tablet, Nasal Spray
  13. Sinemet, Sinemet CR
    Carbidopa with levodopa;
  14. Mirapex
    Pramipexole; Tablet Immediate release, Tablet extended release
  15. Requip & Requip XL
    Ropinirole; Tablet, Tablet extended release
  16. Donepezil, Tablets and orally disintegrating tablets
  17. Memantine, Tablets and Oral Solution
    Namenda & Namenda XR
  18. Tadalafil, Tablets
  19. Singulair
    Montelukast, Tablets - chewable, Tablets- Granules
  20. Macrodantin, Macrobid, Furadantin
    Nitrofurantoin, Macrodantin capsules, Macrobid capsules, Furadantin Suspension
  21. Flagyl
    Metronidazole, Tablets, Capsules, ER tablets, Injection, Flagyl IV , Vaginal and topical preps
  22. Amoxil, Moxatag, Trimox
    Amoxicillin, Tablets, chewable, Tablets, Tablets- ER, Capsules, Powder for Oral suspension
  23. Augmentin & Augmentin XR
    Amoxicillin and Clavulanate; Tablets, chewable tablets
  24. Pristiq
    Desvenlafaxine; Tablet ER
  25. Cymbalta
    Duloxetine; Capsule
  26. Lexapro
    Escitalopram; Tablets, Solution
  27. Prozac, Sarafem
    Fluoxetine; Tablets, Capsule, Capsule delayed release, liquid
  28. Remeron
    Mirtazapine; Tablets, Oral disintegrating Tablets
  29. Pamelor
    Nortriptyline; Capsule, Oral Solution
  30. Paxil & Paxil CR, Prexeva
    Paroxetine; Tablets, Tablets controlled release, Oral suspension
  31. Zoloft
    Sertraline; Tablets, Oral concentrate
  32. Desrel, Oleptro
    Trazodone; Tablet
  33. Effexor & Effexor XR
    Venlafaxine; Tablets, Capsules ER, Tablets ER
  34. Amaryl
    Glimepiride; Tablets
  35. Glucotrol & Glucotrol XR
    Glipazide; Tablets, Tablets sustained release (XL)
  36. Micronase, Diabeta
    Glyburide; Tablet
  37. Novolog
    Insulin Aspart; Novolog 100 unts of insulin aspart per mL, Novolog mix 70/30 : 30% insulin aspart solution and 70% insulin aspart
  38. Levemir
    Insulin Detemir; Solution for injection, Flex Pen

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