BME 350 Lecture 1

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  1. What is the 3-step bio-design approach?
    • Step 1: Identify
    • Step 2: Invent
    • Step 3: Implement
  2. How does a BME go about identifying an unmet clinical need?
    • Establishing a strategic focus
    • Perform a comprehensive personal inventory that can lead the innovator to an appropriate and exciting strategic focus.
    • Personal mission - acts as a governing constitution by which you evaluate your decisions and choose your behavior. this can help you to define your own strategic focus.
    • Acceptance Criteria - the parameters that must be met to make an innovation project attractive to the innovator.This can be used to help define a strategic focus.
  3. Ethnographic Research flow chart
    • Identify the guiding question for the observations (e.g., How does the medical care team in a hospital interact with patients who suffer from heart disease?)
    • Identify field sites (places for observation)
    • Get integrated in the field site; performed and record observations
    • Supplement the observations with follow-up interviews of people who can provide insights into the observations
    • Analyze the data to provide a thesis and an argument (this is the problem statement and the data that supports it)
  4. The Bio-design Process for Performing Observations flow chart
    • Set up observations
    • Prepare for observations
    • Conduct observations
    • Document observations
    • Name the problem
    • Test and refine problem statement
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