OAS II Exam 1

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  1. Alexia
    Reading problems, while other language related skills (making, oral, auditory comprehension, writing) are intact
  2. Agraphia
    Loss in ability to communicate through WRITING or inability to spell
  3. Dyscalculia
    Difficulty in Arithmatic, manipulating numbers
  4. Anosognosia
    lack of insight (no metacognition)
  5. Diplopia
    double vision
  6. Color Anomia
    • Inability to name the color of objects
    • What color is this ball?
  7. Color Agnosia
    • Inability to remember and recognize the colors for common objects
    • Which is the red ball?
  8. Metamorphosia
    Visual distortion of objects such as physical properties (size and weight)
  9. Prosopagnosia
    Inability to recognize familiar faces
  10. Simultagnosia
    inability to interpret a visual array as a whole.  See a chair, but don't realize it's in a classroom
  11. Astereopsis
    Inability to recognize DEPTH PERCEPTION
  12. Atopographia
    inability to determine where exactly a sensation is located or in which direction sensation is moving
  13. Astereognosis
    Inability to determine the shape of an object by touching or feeling it
  14. Agraphesthesia
    kinesthesia/disorientation of the skin's sensation across its space.  Can't recognize a written number or letter traced on skin
  15. Apraxia
    • deficit in execution of learned movement, that cannot be accounted for by either weakness, incoordination, or sensory loss or by incomprehension/inattention to commands
    • *Apraxia examples: putting sock on your head when dressing, or using a comb to brush your teeth. 
    • *3 Types: Motor, Constructional, Dressing
  16. Ideation Apraxia
    can't think of what to do
  17. Ideomotor Apraxia
    can't do it, but knows how to do it
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