Chapter 6

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  1. What are autotrophs?
    • "self-feeders", organisms that make all their own organic matter - including carbs, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.
    • Also known as producers
  2. What are hetrotrophs?
    • "other-feeders", organisms that cannot make organic molecules from inorganic ones.
    • Ex: humans
    • Also known as conumers
  3. What is C6H12O6?
  4. Where does the production of ATP take place?
    In organelles called mitochondria
  5. What is aerobic?
    Requires oxygen
  6. What is cellular respiration?
    Aerobic harvesting of chemical energy from organic fuel molecules
  7. What is the equation for cellular respiration?
    C6H12O+ 6O2 --> 6CO+ 6H2O + ATP
  8. What is the loss of electrons during redox reaction called?
  9. What is oxidized during cellular respiration?
  10. What is the acceptance of electrons during a redox reaction?
  11. What is NAD+?
    Positively charged electron acceptor
  12. What is NADH?
    The transfer of electrons from organic fuel to NAD+
  13. What happens in the first stage of cellular respiration, glycolysis?
    A molecule of glucose is split into two molecules of a compound called pyruvic acid.
  14. What happens in the second stage of cellular respiration, citric acid cycle?
    Completes the breakdown of glucose all the way down to CO2
  15. What happens in the third stage of cellular respiration, electron transport?
    Electron transport from NADH to oxygen releases the energy your cells use to make most of their ATP.
  16. How many molecules of ATP does glycolysis produce?
  17. How many molecules of ATP can be make from one molecule of glucose?
  18. How does the poison cyanide kill?
    • Binds to one of the protein complexes in the electron transport chain
    • Cyanide blocks the passage of electrons to oxygen
    • No H+ gradient is generated, and no ATP is made. 
    • Cells stop working, and the organism dies
  19. What is fermentation?
    The anaerobic harvest of food energy
  20. What is anaerobic?
    Without oxygen
  21. What is produced during fermentation in muscle cells?
  22. What is produced during fermentation in yeast?
    Ethyl alcohol
  23. During fermentation what is the waste product produced when electrons are added to pyruvic acid?
    Lactic acid
  24. How many molecules of ATP can be produced from one molecule of glucose during fermentation?
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