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  1. What is a capillary puncture?
    It is a safe, rapid and effective way to collect blood speciment
  2. What are the usual puncture sites for adults and infants?
    • Adult: Ring and middle fingers
    • Infant: medial and lateral plantar surface.
  3. How is a capillary puncture site prepared?
    Alcohol swab is used to cleanse the puncture site, after winch it is allowed to dry.
  4. What is the procedure if circulation is seems poor at the selected site?
    patients hand can be gently massaged to to enhance circulation
  5. Why is the first drop pf blood wiped away?
    because it contains tissue fluid which dilutes the blood drop and can also activate clotting.
  6. When is capillary tube with blue band used?
    • Tube with blue band contains NO HEPARIN.
    • Used w/venous blood that has been previously collected w/an anticoagulant
  7. When is capillary tube with red band used?
    • Red bend tube is coated with anticoagulant Heparin.
    • Used to prevent blood clotting during capillary sample collection.
  8. Why must the blood from the capillary puncture be used quickly?
    to prevent clotting
  9. What is advantage of using plastic capillary tube?
    it minimizes exposure.
  10. 3 important aspects of quality assessment in capillary puncture ?
    • Personal must be properly trained in capillary collection technique. 
    • Blood must be collected quickly, so it would not clot during collection process.
    • puncture site must not be squeezed excessively, but must be gently warmed and massaged before the puncture is made.
  11. a minute blood vessel that connects the smallest capillary to the smallest vein and serves as an oxygen exchange vessel
  12. a slander glass or plastic tube that is used for laboratory procedures?
    capillary tube
  13. an anticoagulant used therapeutically to prevent thrombosis ?
  14. sterile, sharp - pointed blade used to perform capillary puncture ?
  15. Lateral means?
    towards the side
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