Cognitive Neuroscience chp4-chp5

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  1. Wada test
    This test is often used before elective surgery for the treatment of disorder such as epilepsy to determine in which hemisphere the speech center is located
  2. amobarbital
    Function in anesthetizing
  3. Sylvian fissure (lateral fissure)
    the large sulcus that defines the superior border of the temporal lobe--has a more prominent upward curl in the right hemisphere than it does in the left hemisphere, where it is relatively flat.
  4. Planum temporal (cortical area at the center of Wernicke's area, involved with the understanding of written and spoken language)
    was larger in the left hemisphere-- a pattern found in 65% of the brains.
  5. Temporal lobe Asymmetry absents cause
    language disorder. (Children with dyslexia have symmetrical planum temporal lobe while the temporal lobe asymmetries were reversed in dyslexic adult)
  6. Function asymmetry example
    The complex functions of language presumable require more cortical surface.
  7. Microscopic anatomical asymemetries
    Specific organizational characteristics of local neuronal networks--- such as the nmber of synaptic connections--may be responsible for the unique functions of different cortical areas.
  8. Brain with great volume may contain more
    minicolumns and their connection
  9. Boca's and Wernicke's language-associated cortex
    homotopic areas, the first one is anterior and then second one is posterior.
  10. Layer III pyramidal cell
    In the left hemisphere hey are larger compared to the right
  11. The left and right cerebal hemisphere are connected by the largest white matter structure in the brain, which is called
    Corpus callosum
  12. Corpus callosum divided in macroscopic level
    • Anterior portion: Genu
    • Middle portion: Body
    • Posterior portion: Splenium
  13. Homotopic heterotopic and ipsilateral
    Image Upload
  14. The commissures
    Anterior commissure: 1/10 size of the corpus cllosum, is found inferior to the anterior portion of the corpus cllosum, and primarily connects certain regiions of the temporal lobes, including the two amygdalae.

    Posterior commissure, which also carries some interhemispheric fibers. It contains fibers that contribute to the papillary light reflex.  (page 128)
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