Forebrain pt. 2

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  1. What is the thalamus?
    The relay station from the sensory organs and main source of input to the cortex
  2. What is the hypothalamus?
    • Small area near the base of the brain
    • Conveys messages to the pituitary gland to alter the release of hormones
    • Associated with behaviors such as eating, drinking, sexual behavior and other motivated behaviors
  3. What do the thalamus and the hypothalamus together form?
    the diencephalon
  4. What is the pituitary gland?
    Hormone producing gland found at the base of the hypothalamus
  5. What is the basal ganglia comprised of?
    It is comprised of the caudate nucleus, the putamen, and the globus pallidus
  6. What functions is the basal ganglia associated with?
    • Planning of motor movement and aspects of memory and emotion expression
    • Also important for attention, language planning, and other cognitive functions
  7. Where is the hippocampus located?
    Toward the posterior portion of the forebrain between the thalamus and cerebral cortex
  8. What is the hippocampus's function?
    Critical for storing certain types of memories, particularly new events
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