Oracle 12c Upgrade: 11 – Oracle Data Redaction

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  1. Which 12c feature masks sensitive data returned from queries?
    Oracle Data Redaction
  2. To what object types can Oracle Data Redaction be applied?
    Columns in tables and views
  3. What types are redaction methods are available in Oracle Data Redaction?
    • Full redaction
    • Partial redaction
    • Regular expression
    • Random redaction
    • No redaction
  4. What is required to manage Oracle data redaction policies?
    • Execute on DBMS_REDACT
    • Should be very careful who this is granted too
  5. What type of redaction redacts all the contents of a column?
    Full Redaction
  6. Which view displays the values returned in Full Redaction?
  7. If a table has a Oracle Data Redaction column, where does the redaction propagate to?
    Views, MVs and all the way down the view chain (views based on views)
  8. With which procedure can the default values for Full Redaction be altered?
  9. In Full redaction, what happens to numbers, dates, and character types?
    • number > 0
    • dates > 01-JAN-01
    • character > ' ' - single space
  10. What type of redaction redacts some of the contents of a column?
    Partial Redaction
  11. What is the purpose of "No Redaction" method?
    Allows for testing policies with no effect with policies against them
  12. What privilege is required to create and manage Oracle Data Redaction?
  13. What procedures ADD, MODIFY, ENABLE, DISABLE and DROP a Data Redaction policy?
  14. What part of DBMS_REDACT.ALTER|MODIFY_POLICY procedure determines the type of Data Redaction?
  15. What are the possible function types for Data Redaction policy?
    • DBMS_REDACT.full
    • DBMS_REDACT.partial
    • DBMS_REDACT.random
    • DBMS_REDACT.regexp
    • DBMS_REDACT.none
  16. Which type of Data Redaction blanks out a section of string?
    Partial Redation
  17. In Random Data Redaction, what happens to character, number and date types?
    • Character - random characters to same length of column
    • Number - random numbers in the same form as column
    • Date - Random date
  18. What are the built-in Data Redaction types?
    • DBMS_REDACT.REDACT_US_SSN_F5 - 987-65-4320 becomes XXX-XX-4320
    • DBMS_REDACT.REDACT_US_SSN_L4 - 987-65-4320 becomes 987-65-XXXX
    • DBMS_REDACT.REDACT_US_SSN_ENTIRE - 987-65-4320 becomes XXX-XX-XXXX
    • DBMS_REDACT.REDACT_DATE_MILLENIUM - 17-APR-2014 becomes 01-JAN-00
    • DBMS_REDACT.REDACT_DATE_EPOCH - 17-APR-2014 becomes 01-JAN-70
  19. Which activities are NOT affected by Data Redaction?
    • Rman Backup
    • Export and Import
    • Replication of Data
    • Patching and Upgrades
    • All activities performed as SYS/SYSTEM and users with the EXEMPT REDACTION POLICY system privilege
  20. What can't have Data Redaction applied to them?
    • Objects owned by SYS/SYSTEM
    • Columns of specific data types
    • Virtual columns
  21. How many Data Redaction policies can a table have?
  22. How is a Data Redaction policy extended to a second, third etc column
    Using the DBMS_REDACT.ALTER_POLICY procedure.
  23. What is the funtion_type parameter in DBMS_REDACT.ADD_POLICY?
    The type of redation to perform
  24. In DBMS_REDACT.ADD_POLICY, what do function_parameters do?
    Specify how the column redaction should appear.
  25. In DBMS_REDACT.ADD_POLICY, what does expression do?
    • A boolean result.
    • If TRUE, redate the data
  26. When creating a Redaction Policy, what is defined?
    • What to REDACT:
    • When to REDACT:
    • Expression based on values derived from SYS_CONTEXT
    • How to REDACT:
    • REGEXP (Regular Expression)
  27. In Oracle Data Redaction, When is the data changed?
    • Just before the data is returned to the user.
    • It remains unchanged in buffers and storage
  28. How is a WHERE clause Data Redacted?
    It isn't....think about it
  29. Which view show all the redacted columns in the database?
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