Pearson's Massage Therapy: Blending Art with Science (Chapter 1 Study Guide)

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  1. Code of Ethics:
    Standards of profession, developed by professional organizations.
  2. Where is the Massage Therapy Foundation's research database?
    On its website.
  3. APTA is an example of what?
    A specialty association.
  4. Who is responsible for occupational licensing in the USA?
    State governments
  5. Continuing Education is:
    • Beyond entry level.
    • Often needed for renewal of licenses & membership in organizations.
  6. Accreditation:
    Recognition given to schools to uphold high standards.
  7. Competencies:
    Indicates what a practitioner can do with adequate skills, rather than just completing hours.
  8. Message Therapy Profession focuses on:
    • Soft tissue manipulation to improve the well-being of the patient, rooted in tradition of natural healing.
    • Maintains holistic & wellness perspective.
  9. Massage Therapy is an emerging profession because __________ .
    its still in development
  10. 1992 advances for massage therapy:
    • Founding of the Touch Research Institute.
    • Certification examination.
  11. In sports medical centers, Message Therapists work with:
    • Athletic Trainers
    • Physical Therapist
  12. What methods are offered at integrative medical settings?
    • Conventional
    • Complementary
    • Alternative
  13. Personal Care settings focuses on:
    • Grooming
    • Relaxation
    • Rejuvenation
  14. Trends in recent surveys show __________ .
    increased use of massage therapy as complementry
  15. Massage therapy is thought of as:
    A wellness profession.
  16. The Wellness Message Pyramid represents:
    The variety of goals, as well as its applications.
  17. What's "High level of wellness":
    A state of optimal well-being.
  18. The 3 base levels of the Wellness Message Pyramid are:
  19. MT is known as:
    • Message Therapy
    • Manual Therapy
  20. Massage has unique healing potential because its __________ .
    person to person tough
  21. Spinal adjustment __________ .
    isn't found in the definition of message therapy.
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