BBI Questions

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  1. Time got point across very effectively and convinced others to change their positions
    stock maint in morning!
  2. time had to give constructive feedback and felt it would not be well received. how did you handle it and what was the outcome? what would you have changed differently?
    worker marking maint. as complete but not doing thorough job. checking off departments without doing them
  3. describe a time you had to give constructive feedback
    helped customer but associate did not offer complete service to order in store
  4. time had to step in and take over project to assure it was to be completed on time. what were circumstances and what was the outcome?
    shipment being finished 20 boxes 6 workers and 2 new people in that.
  5. time head of unpopular project and pushed ahead cause it was the right thing to do for the business or company
    charity donate change from food dont get drink and get change from car or lying around at home
  6. time I got feedback. what effect did it have on me and what did u do about it?
    going over cdp very organized and puts all in persp. it showed me areas i can focus on and improve. dm good example of how i can also give feedback to other employees
  7. what changes hav you tried to implement at work? successful? why?
    documentation once a week per manager
  8. describe project started on own? what prompted you to start?
    sensor sweeps
  9. time successful in influencing you team to implement your suggestions? successful? why?
    maint in morning!!
  10. time took care of clients needs and later found out that someone else had not carried out their responsibilities. how did you find out? what did you do about it?
    helped person but associate did not go through ipad sale correctly missed out on sale
  11. time dealt with difficult customer? what do and how effective?
    item off manequin... if another needed customer had no receipt and was able to offer exchange for item!
  12. describe important decision made? do it again?
    other store had our papers print out called mistake and had to finish store changes. sent wrong had to be done correct and that night b/c visitors next morning
  13. describe most recent work conflict. what caused it? how handle? what was outcome?
    dm on vaca and manager on leave... new dm was overworked and didnt have managers to cover our store till last minute. we suffered and store did as well
  14. time asked to do something believed was not of value. how handle what was the outcome?
    recruit more when over filled
  15. time someone not functioning as part of team. what did and what was outcome?
    manager not leading by example and following rules correctly avoiding conflict selling not for sale items not comfortable with confrontation
  16. what degree is current job require details that must be performed and documented? what effect hav on time management and effectiveness?
  17. time change priorities cause of change of plans or circumstances? how handle and what was result?
    ship. and late task
  18. time faced with unexpected challenge? example of how met challenge and outcome?
    ''   ''   ''   ''
  19. example when you gave feedback to someone? how handle and what was result?
    bunch come w/ solutions not problems!
  20. example when defined several solutions to single problem. examples of how u came to answers like math brainstorm research. how determine most effective result?
    gain lose many hours on last day of month! math, past exp, brain storm
  21. biggest work related problem in last 6 months. how handle and what was result?
    dm vacay...
  22. receive negative feedback and how handled it?
    recruit more
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