Chapter 22

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  1. The period of reform in the Ottoman empire that lasted from 1839-1876 is known as the: 
    a. Tanzimat
    b. Era of Self Strengthening
    c. New Birth
    d. Hat-i Sherif
    e. New Caliphate
  2. During the 1830s and 1840s, romantic republican nationalism in Italy was led by:
  3. Camillo Cavour played an instrumental role in:
    a. ending the Crimean War
    b. settling the Irish question
    c. the leadership of the Paris Commune
    d. passage of the Second Reform Act
    e. the unification of Italy
  4. In the 1850s the two most powerful German-speaking states were:
    Austria and Prussia
  5. What German-speaking country did Bismarck intend to exclude for a united Germany?
  6. The newly elected French National Assembly of 1871 was dominated by:
  7. The Paris Commune was dominated by:
    Petty Bourgeoise
  8. What country did Austria compete with for influence in the Balkans?
  9. In 1894 Captain Alfred Dreyfus was found guilty of:
    Passing secrets to the Germans
  10. The new Russian provincial and county councils organized in 1864 were known as:
  11. Alexander III sought to:
    Roll back his father's reforms
  12. Gladstone's ministry of 1868 to 1874 witnessed the:
    Culmination of classical British liberalism
  13. Disraeli's efforts at social reform focused on:
    Paternalistic legistration
  14. The "Irish Question" centered on the issue of:
    Home rule
  15. Which is the most accurate statement concerning the Crimean War?
    The Concert of Europe was shattered
  16. The correct chronological order of Bismarck's moves leading to the unification of Germany was in victories against:
    Denmark, Austria, France
  17. The cause of Italian unification was strengthened by the help of the:
  18. Garibaldi led the campaign for control of:
    Sicily and southern Italy
  19. In the 1860s, Napoleon III did all of the following except:
    Form an alliance with Prussia
  20. The Hatti-i Humayun:
    a. declared Islam the sole religion of the Ottoman Empire
    b. were a series of modernization efforts
    c. were a series of military reforms
    d. were opposed by most European powers
    e. spelled out the rights of non-Muslim subjects of the Ottoman Empire
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