Primary Health Care

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  1. essential health care based on practical, scientifically sound and socially acceptable methods and technology, made universally accessible to individuals and families in the community
    primary health care
  2. it is a way to health beyond the usual or traditional health care system and it concentrates  on health equity-producing social policy
    primary health care
  3. goals of primary health care
    • universal coverage reforms
    • service delivery reforms
    • public policy reforms
    • leadership reforms
    • increasing stakeholder participation
  4. reducing exclusions and social disparities in health
    universal coverage reforms
  5. PHC must ensure access to health care services for the most disadvantaged populations, and focus on interventions which will directly impact on the major causes off mortality, morbidity and disability of populations
    universal coverage reforms
  6. organizing health services around people's needs and expectations
    service delivery reforms
  7. PHC must provide health services to people that will fulfill their specific needs and meet the certain expectations
    service delivery reforms
  8. integrating health to all sectors
    public policy reforms
  9. PHC must be integrated with other policy domains, and play its part in the pursuit of wider social, economic, environmental and development policy
    public policy reforms
  10. pursuing collaborative models of policy dialogue
    leadership reforms
  11. PHC must develop in ways which are financially sustainable, supported by political leaders, and supported by the populations served
    leadership reforms
  12. 5 A's
    • Accessibility
    • Acceptability
    • Availability
    • Appropriateness
    • Affordability
  13. Reachable, convenient services
  14. ***
    • acceptability of care depends on variety of factors including communication between health care providers and the patientswhether the patients trust this care, and whether the patients believe in the confidentiality and privacy of information shared with the providers
  15. care can be obtained whenever people need it
  16. whether the service is needed at all in relation to essential human needs, priorities and policies
  17. the service has to be properly selected and carried out by trained personnel in the proper way
  18. the cost should be within the means and resources of the individual and the country
  19. principles and rationales of primary health care
    • equitable distribution of health care
    • health workforce development
    • community participation
    • multi-sectional approach
    • appropriate technology
  20. sectors in multi-sectoral approach
    • agriculture
    • education and communication
    • housing
    • public works
    • rural development
    • industry
    • community organizations
  21. in order to meet the health problems of a community, health care should be equally distributed regardless of their gender, age, color, social status, rural and urban areas
    equitable distribution of health care
  22. the comprehensive health care relies on adequate number and distribution of trained physicians, nurses, allied health professions, community health workers etc
    health workforce development
  23. it is and empowering and educational process in which people, in partnership with those who are able to assist them, identify the problems and needs for their solution and increasingly assume responsibilities themselves...
    community participation
  24. recognition that health cannot be improved by within just the formal health sector; other sectors are equally important in promoting the health and self reliance of communities
    multi factorial approach
  25. health care should be adaptable to local needs and acceptable to those who apply it and for whom it is used, accessible, affordable
    appropriate technology
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