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  1. holidays and had to decide time slots and for extra shifts
  2. first time doing quarterly review of employees veteran had to give NI for details was worried about pushback
  3. associate did not offer order in store customer that wanted item that was sold out
  4. step in to finish shipment
  5. had to collect xmas charity each month and bring awareness of task
  6. getting CDP and how i handled receiving feedback
  7. implemented to use of documentation system once week per manager
  8. started sensor sweeps for all employees once a shift
  9. had opening employee do stock maint to boost store audit score
  10. helped customer told them that order in store could be completed and that the cashier would be able to do so. found out that they did not look up one of the items
  11. customer wanted item off the manequin
  12. had to change store layout and marketing with late notice and RM coming next day
  13. *employee had bad habits and was being lazy
  14. *had over-full staff and were still asked to recruit new employees
  15. *manager was not leading by example *associate was distracting others from task
  16. *update and how it deals with details.. how it helps with effectiveness and time management
  17. *down a person for a task
  18. was gaining many hours on last day of the month and how dealt with issue to ensure we were even. used math
  19. DM on vacation one manager on leave. had to work with new dm to set management schedule as it was always changing and hurting the store
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