Gilded Age

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  1. Laissez-faire
    no gov interference in business
  2. taylorism
    • people = machines
    • specialized jobs
  3. social dawinism
    capitalist "earned" success
  4. Robber Barons vs Captains of Industry
    robber barons bad, captains of industry good
  5. John D. Rockefeller
    • oil
    • horizontal consolidation- joining firms to create monopoly
  6. Carnegie
    • steel
    • vertical consolidation- buying out all steps of production
  7. "The Gospel of Wealth"
    • Carnegie's attempt to be "good capitalist"
    • wealthy must give back to community
    • "father of philanthropy"
  8. philanthropy
    giving money back to the community
  9. collective bargaining
    • group of union workers talking to employer
    • power in numbers
  10. Knights of Labor
    inclusive union
  11. American Federation of Labor
    • leader Samuel Gompers
    • only skilled workers
    • most influential union
  12. Haymarket Riot in Chicago
    by American Federation of Labor over 8hr workday
  13. Homestead Strike
    • Carnegie & Henry Frick cut wages on steel production
    • Berkman attempts to assassinate Frick
  14. Ellis Island
    immigration center on East coast
  15. Angel Island
    immigration center in San Fran
  16. Chinese Exclusion Act
    ban Chinese migration
  17. Riis' How the Other Half Lives
    publicized brutal tenement life
  18. Boss Tweed & Tammany Hall
    • Tweed created Tammany Hall- democratic organization that helped immigrants
    • Tweed gained votes and exploited power
  19. consumption and leisure
    • advertising
    • sports, music, theatre, movies
  20. Homestead Act
    • gov provides cheap land in the west
    • problem: weather, boom bust cycle
  21. Transcontinental railroad
    • Central Pacific Railroad- built east from CA
    • Union Pacific Railroad- built west from Nebraska
  22. Gast'sĀ American ProgressĀ painting
    manifest destiny
  23. Turner's Frontier Thesis
    • west = free land, heroism, cowboy spirit, democracy
    • gave Americans optimistic character of west
  24. The Plains Indians
    30 years of war in west
  25. Dawes Severalty Act
    • gave land to individual Indians, not tribes
    • attempt at assimilation
    • Christianity > Indian culture
  26. Indian boarding school
    • "Kill the Indian, save the man"
    • Carlisle Indian Industrial School
  27. Populists
    farmers and workers (commoners)
  28. gold standard vs silver standard
    • wanted abolition of national banks
    • progressive income tax- richer you are, more tax you pay
  29. William Jennings Bryan
    • Election of 1896 vs McKinley (Republican)
    • democrat
    • cross of gold
  30. Cuban Rebellion
    Cuba rebels against Spain
  31. Spanish American War
    Spain sinks USS Maine in Philippines
  32. annexation of Philippines debate
    cons: geographical distance, cultural diversity, job competition, interference with foreign policy
  33. China and the Open Door
    • US wanted to imperialize China without war
    • Open Door policy- asked for access to China and free trade
  34. Queen Liliuokalani
    Reciprocity treaty- allowed tariff-free sugar; REPEALED
  35. Kipling's "White Man's Burden"
    • supported annexation of Philippines
    • white supremacy
    • imperialism is long and difficult
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