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  1. It doesn't matter
  2. Nobody is thinking about you
  3. Let bad enough alone
  4. Ignore your enemy or kill him
  5. Boo yourself off the stage
  6. Yes you did
  7. "After the age of 30, it is unseemly to blame one's parents for one's life"
  8. "If something is boring you, it is probably you"
  9. Stay clear of anyone-other than a clergyman-who refers to God more than once in an hour
  10. Swine rules
  11. "Listen for the word ""Great"""
  12. "Listen for the question ""What are you talking about?"""
  13. Appearance is frequently reality
  14. Be not witty; neither shalt thou be clever
  15. "Pursue virtue, but don't sweat it "
  16. Do not go to your left
  17. Everyone's work is magnificent
  18. Consult everyone on everything and don't forget to send ingratiating notes
  19. Strife is better than loneliness
  20. And loneliness is better than Eggs Benedict
  21. Male and female compatibility rules
  22. Run when you hear any of the following in a sentence
  23. Never miss an opportunity to do nothing
  24. Do not go for Cyrano's nose
  25. That couldn't be a book
  26. Do not keep company with people who speak of careers
  27. Just because the person who criticizes you is an idiot doesn't make him wrong
  28. "Never go to a cocktail party, and, in any case, do not stay more than 20 minutes"
  29. Envy no one-ever
  30. Believe everyone-always
  31. "Do not attempt to improve anyone, especially when you know it will help"
  32. If they tell you it's a long shot-it is
  33. Never bring news of slander to a friend
  34. It's not about you
  35. Never say any of the following
  36. "If you want to keep a man honest, never call him a liar"
  37. The waitress is not waiting for you
  38. Push the wheel forward
  39. Dress for duress
  40. A long and happy life lasts five minutes
  41. Never work for anyone more insecure than yourself
  42. The unexamined life lasts longer
  43. "No, they don't-and so what?"
  44. Abjure fame but avoid obscurity
  45. Fast and steady wins the race
  46. To thine own self be true-unless you would like to be someone else
  47. Culture rules
  48. If it's just a teeny-weeny bit wrong-destroy it
  49. Never think on vacation
  50. Change no more than one-eighth of your life at a time
  51. Expect gratitude from everybody for everything
  52. "Live in the past, but don't remember too much"
  53. Never do it for the money
  54. Remember the Armada
  55. "If you are strange enough, they will come"
  56. Never light the fire from the top
  57. The game is played away from the ball
  58. "Apologize, reconcile, and give help"
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