immuno 005 innate immunity; interferons part 1 (type I type II IFN autocrine paracrine endocrin

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  1. what are the three types of cytokines?
    interleukins, chemokines, and interferons.
  2. what are the five main classes of cytokines?
    pro-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, growth factors, interferons, and chemokines
  3. what does it mean to say that cytokines are pleiotropic?
    they have different effects on different types of cells
  4. when human cells become infected with a virus, they respond by making cytokines called ______
  5. viruses attach to host cells by ____ _______
    spike proteins
  6. true or false? there are two types of interferons: type A and type B
    false. there are two types of interferons: type I and type II
  7. describe type I interferons.
    they include more than 20 types of interferon-alpha and interferon-beta. Type I interferons, produced by virtually any virus-infected cell, provide an early innate immune response against viruses
  8. what are the three functions of interferons?
    1.They induce uninfected cells to produce enzymes capable of degrading mRNA. These enzymes remain inactive until the uninfected cell becomes infected with a virus. At this point, the enzymes are activated and begin to degrade both viral and cellular mRNA. This not only blocks viral protein synthesis, but also eventually kills the infected cell.

    2. They activate cells of the immune system and increase their ability to combat infection.

    3. Increase expression of MHC class I, resulting in increased activation of CD8 T cells
  9. viral replication stimulates the infected host cell to produce ____ __ interferons
    type I
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