Plants (BIOL LAB)

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  1. Types of Tissue
    • Dermal
    • Ground
    • Vascular
    • Meristematic
  2. Epidermis
    • Dermal tissue
    • Outer most layer of cells
  3. Parenchyma
    • Ground tissue
    • Most common cell in plant
    • Thin walled, large vacuole
    • Photosynthesis, storage, and support
  4. Collenchyma
    • Ground tissue
    • Near surface of stem
    • Uneven wall thickness
    • Flexible support
  5. Sclerenchyma
    • Ground tissue
    • Thick cell walls (may contain lignin)
    • Strength and support
  6. Xylem
    • Vascular tissue
    • Tracheids and vessel elements
    • Conduct water and nutrients upward from roots
  7. Phloem
    • Vascular tissue
    • Sieve tube members and companion cells function in movement of photosynthetic products
    • Conduct down the stem
  8. Primary Meristems
    • Meristematic tissue
    • Small, actively dividing cells in roots and tips
  9. Pericycle
    • Meristematic tissue
    • Layer of tissue found just outside the vascular cylinder in roots. 
    • Divide to produce branch roots
  10. Vascular Cambium
    • Meristematic tissue
    • Lateral meristem, small actively dividing cells found between the xylem and phloem
    • Produce secondary growth and increased girth
  11. Cork Cambium
    • Meristematic tissue
    • Lateral meristem just inside cork layer of wood plant
    • Produces secondary growth
  12. Casparian Strip
    • Walls of endodermis have layer of waxy tissue
    • Made of suberin

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