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  1. Grants-in-aid
    Money from the national gov't given to the state for a designated purpose.
  2. Project grants
    States write project proposals (money given based on project proposal, how well it's written)
  3. Formula grants
    Need based, rather than proposal based
  4. Dual federalism
    State and federal cooperation with a clear distinction between who does what (Layer Cake Federalism)
  5. Cooperative federalism
    Where state and federal gov't are involved in a particular project; it is hard to discern which role each has (Marble Cake Federalism)
  6. Alabama syndrome
    When the federal gov't keeps tight control of national funds to make sure that they are used fairly, not misused (as they were in Alabama)
  7. Regulated federalism
    Putting national regulations on projects
  8. Preemption
    When federal regulations and state regulation come into conflict (national government "preempts" or trumps state)
  9. One size fits all approach
    State complaint that national gov't do not allow enough flexibility
  10. Block grant
    A grant that gives a local gov't enough money to do with as they please
  11. Revenue sharing
    Federal money provided to state/local gov't with no strings attached
  12. New federalism
    Gave more power and authority to states. Reorganized relationship between national and state governments
  13. Accountability
    Trusting funds given to states won't be misused
  14. Flexibility
    Giving funds to states to be used as they please (in conflict with accountability; can be misused)
  15. Robb-Evans Commission
    Commission of congress, recommended that states develop their own economies, since they'd know best. National government can handle redistributive programs. (1985)
  16. Redistributive programs
    Help assist poor (such as Medicaid) from tax money
  17. Welfare reform bill
    More responsibility given to states for redistributive programs (1996$
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