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  1. What are the three arms in the Triad of death?
    • Halt Coagulation
    • Lactic Acidosis
    • Decreased mycardial performance
  2. What is the most important vital sign to look at in shock patients
    BP!!! If BP is normal they are in Compensated shock if it is below normal they are in decompensated shock.
  3. What is decompensated shock
    When heart and lung can no longer function
  4. What are they 3 different categories of shock
    • Hypovolemic 
    • Cardiogneic
    • Septic
  5. cellular hypoxia, which causes:
    • Free radical production
    •  Macrophage induction 
    •  Anaerobic metabolism
  6. Cardiogenic Shock: What causes it?
    • Usually result of severe ventricular
    • dysfunction associated with MI
  7. Cardiogenic shock features
    • Decreased CO
    •  Elevated left ventricular end-diastolic pressure
    •  S3 heart sounds
    •  Pulmonary edema
  8. What is SvO2
    Mixed venous Oxygen saturation
  9. What are some of the treatments or therapies for Cardiogenic shock
    • Inotropic preload  and afterload reducing agents
    • intraaortic balloon counterpulsation
    • ventricular assist devices
    • heart transplantation
  10. What are some common causes of obstructive shock?
    • pulmonary embolism
    • cardiac tamponade
    • tension pneumothroax

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Types of shock and their causes
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