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  1. Produce and amplify sounds and effects for theatrical performances. Has control over sound consol (balances sounds)
    Sound engineer
  2. is responsible for assisting the Sound
    Designer in the recording and adjustment of sound cues and for operating the sound
    board on cue during technical rehearsals (“tech”) and performances.
    Sound board operator
  3. Controls lights
    Light board operator
  4. Designs the lights
    Lighting designer
  5. Who cue's
    Stage manager
  6. How the show is ran, script with cues. Always remains in the theatre.
    Production book
  7. Things that have been changes are added to this
    Rehearsal Report/Notes
  8. Carries the production book
    Production Manager
  9. Puts down line error notes
    Stage manager
  10. Everything is copyrighted so lines and direction cant be changed (keeps the play traditional)
    License Production
  11. Purposely dividing the audience into 4
    Alienation effect
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