Hem Lec Ch7,8,9

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  1. The causes of anemia include?
    • blood loss
    • impaired red cell production
    • accelerated red cell destruction
  2. The clinical signs and symptoms of anemia can result from ?
    • diminished delivery of oxygen to the tissue
    • lowered hemoglobin concentration
  3. Which is a significant laboratory finding in anemia?
    decreased hemoglobin
  4. If you are grading changes in erythrocyte size and shape using a scale of 0 - 4+ and many erythrocytes deviate from normal per microscopic field, the typical score would be?
  5. Anemias can be categorized into?
    • Hemolytic type
    • Blood loss type
    • Impaired production type.
  6. Disorders of the GI system
    heavy menstruation 
    Does not disrupt the blood volume
    Result in an iron deficiency and hypochromic/microcytic erythrocyte morphology on a peripheral blood smear 
    All of this is what type of blood loss?
  7. Increased thrombocytes 
    Trauma condition 
    what type of blood loss?
  8. The erythrocyte morphology associated with anemia in an otherwise healthy person caused by acute blood loss is usually ?
  9. Anemia caused by chronic blood loss is characterized by?
    • hypochromic, microcytic erythrocytes 
    • decreased packed cell volume.
  10. Aquired aplastic anemia may be caused by ?
    • Benzene or benzene derivatives 
    • ionizing radiation and vitamin B12
    • purine or pyrimidine analogues
  11. The sudden appearance of aplastic anemia or pure red cell aplasia is often caused by?
    an immune process
  12. Aplastic anemia can occur year before a diagnosis of _________ is made
    • Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobin
    • Myelodysplasia
    • Acute myelogenous leukemia
  13. If a patient aplastic anemia is refereed to as exhibiting pancytopenia, which cell lines are affected?
    • Erythrocytes
    • Leukocytes 
    • Thrombocytes
  14. The best described  congenital form of aplastic anemia is?
    Fanconi anemia
  15. _______ is characterized by selective failure of RBC production ?
    Pure red cell anemia
  16. ___________ is a rear congenital form of red cell aplasia
    Diamond-Blackfan syndrome
  17. _________ is a subset of Fanconi anemia
    Familial aplastic anemia
  18. Hematopoietic cell target in aplastic anemia are affected by?
    • activated cytotoxic T lymphocytes
    • activation of Fas receptor
    • Direct cell-cell interaction between lymphocytes and target cells.
  19. Fanconi anemia is associated with abnormal genes located on chromosomes?
    9 and 20
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