Hem Lec Ch10

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  1. The etiology of IDA is?
    • nutrition deficiency
    • Faulty iron absorption
    • excessive loss of iron
  2. Iron deficiency is still common in?
    • toddlers
    • adolescent girls
    • women of childbearing age
  3. Decreased iron intake is associated with?
    Meet-poor diet
  4. Physiological iron lass is associated with?
  5. Increased iron utilization is associated with?
    Adolescent growth spurt
  6. Pathological iron lass is associated with?
    Colon cancer
  7. Decreased iron intake is associated with?
  8. The average adult has ____g of iron
    3.5g - 5.0g
  9. Most functional iron in humans is found in?
    Hemoglobin molecules of erythrocytes (RBC)
  10. Approximately ____% of iron from food is in the form of _____ iron?
    • 90%
    • Noneheme
  11. Most ingested iron is readily absorbed into the body in the ?
    • duodenum
    • upper jejunum
  12. Transferrin represents a?
    • Beta globulin that moves iron
    • Glycoprotein that moves iron

    (Beta globulin glycoprotein)
  13. In IDA, the erythrocytic indices are typically ?
    • MCV - decreased
    • MCH - decreased
    • MCHC - decreased
  14. Peripheral blood smear demonstrates ______ red blood cells in IDA?
    Microcytic, Hypochromic
  15. Anemias of inflomation/chronic diseases can be caused by?
    • Inflammation
    • Infection
    • Malignancy
  16. AOI can result from?
    • inappropriately decreased erythropoietin
    • suppression of erythropoiesis by cytokine from activated macrophages and lymphocytes¬†
    • impaired iron metabolism
  17. The typical peripheral blood film of a patient with AOI typically reveals _____ erythrocytes?
    Normocytic, normochromic
  18. Leukoerythroblastosis can appear as ______ on a peripheral blood smear?
    • Immature leukocytes¬†
    • Immature erythrocytes
  19. What is the most appropriate treatment for AOI?
    treatment of inflammatory condition
  20. Sideroblastic anemia can be caused by?
    • congenital ( chromosomal) defect
    • drugs
    • association with malignant disorders
  21. A common feature of sideroblastic anemia is?
    Ringed sideroblasts
  22. The greatest portion of operational body iron is normally contained in what compound?
  23. Storage Iron in a human body is?
    • found in Hepatocytes
    • found in Macrophages
    • sequestered as Ferritin
  24. The most sensitive assay for the diagnosis of hereditary hemochromatosis (HH) is
    transferrin saturation
  25. in IDA, the ?
    serum iron is severely decreased and the TIBC is increase
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