1750: Infection: Otitis and TB.

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  1. What are the 3 types of Otitis; explain.

    Serous: obstructed e.tube; unequal pressure causes fluid from caps to mid-ear.

    Acute: (usually after URI) edema in e.tube as a result of fluid accumulation which doesn't drain.

    Chronic: permanent perforation or damage of eardrum as a result of recurring OM & dysfunctional e.tube.
  2. What are the assessments for OM?
    • Recent URI?
    • Allergies? (expose Pts to SOM)
    • Age?
    • Attend daycare?
  3. Upon Otoscope, what is the appearance of the eardrum?

    What if the eardrum is perforated? (Pt usually notices no more pain).
    • Dull or opaque (not transparent)
    • Bulging or red
    • Pus (sometimes), (green or yellow) behind eardrum.

    Discharge may indicate perforation of eardrum.
  4. What testing is done for a Serous OM?
    a Tympanometry which subjects the external meatus to positive, normal, and negative pressure and monitoring the energy flow.
  5. What are the s/sx of OM?
    • anxiety
    • infection w/ acute pain
    • fatigue
  6. With OM, what nursing diagnoses are they at risk for?
    • caregiver role strain
    • delayed growth
    • disturbed sensory perception

    *all related to (RT) hearing loss.
  7. What are the actions/nursing interventions (Implement) for someone with OM?

    Pharmacologic for children&adults

    Which ear disease is not treated with antibiotics?

    What are some NON-pharmacologic therapies?
    • For children/adults:
    • Amoxicillin.
    • Use of mild analgesics: ibu & Tyl.

    Serous OM not treated w/ antibiotics.

    • Interventions include:
    • Heat to affected side to relieve pain.
    • Position on affected side to promote drainage.
    • Report sudden pain relief.
  8. Patient teaching.

    What should you teach the parents/child?

    Give rationales.
    • No air travel.
    • Avoid water in ear, nose blowing, heavy lifting/straining.
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