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  1. what will happen if a bacterium increases the proportion of saturated lipids in its plasma membrane
    plasma membrane will become more rigid
  2. which of the follwoing statements accurately descripes biological membranes
  3. considering biological membranes wich of the follwing defines the term liquid crystal state
    the state of a biological membrane when it is above the transition temp
  4. what is a capsid
    protein capsule that encloses a viron
  5. which of the follwoing examples of movement of substances across a plasma membrane involves a channel
    efflus of K + out of cells
  6. what would you expect to require energy
    movement of H up its concentration gradient across a membrane
  7. where are you likely to find both hemicellulose and pectin
    plant cell wall
  8. into which sub compartment within a mitochondrion do H ions move down their gradient phase 2 of oxidative phosphorylation
    • phase 2 is atp synthesis 
    • the matrix
  9. in mitochondria what protein complex directly couples the movement of H ions down their gradient to the synthesis of ATP
    atp synthase
  10. which protens will have contained a signal sequence at the N terminus when synthesized
    • collagen 
    • Na+/K+ ATPase
  11. which type of protein is likely to have domains on boths sides of the lipid bilayer
    integral membrane protein
  12. which of the following is true regarding the golgi comples
    • retrograde trans medial cis
    • should be cis medial trans 
    • retrograde means opposite
  13. what type of vesicle will transport an acid hyrolase from theER to the golgi apparatus
    COP 2 goes up
  14. incrreased levels of blood glucose can casue cells in pancreas to secrete insulin what is the term for this type of secretion
  15. during autophagy how is an autophagolysosome produced
    through fusion of a lysosome with an autophagic vacuole
  16. during the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis cytochrome c can be found in the cytoplasm where is it usually found?
    inner mitochondrial membrane
  17. if a cell can not synthesize lamin properly what cellular structure is likely to be altered
    nuclear envelope
  18. which statement describes Arp2/3
    nucleates F-actin polymerization at branch points
  19. protein kinesin
    plus end directed microbule associated motor
  20. lamellipodium
    F actin based membrane protrusion at the leading edge of a migrating cell
  21. non muscle cells what form of myosin contributes to cell motility
    non of the above type 1 3-XVIII`
  22. which protein likely contains a nuclear localization signal
    ribosomal protein
  23. what is found in a nucleolus
    • dense fibrillar component
    • fibrillar centre
  24. example of facilitative transporter
    glucose transporter
  25. intergral membrane protein is gycosylated in the er during its synthesis if this protein is delivered to the lysosome where will the carbohydrate group appear
    lysosome lumen
  26. what organelle found in many plant cells performs a similar functio to the lysosome of animal cells
    plant vacuole
  27. during Na+/K+ exchange by the Na+/K+ ATPase, 3 na ions bind to the atp phase complete the following sentence 
    atp is hydrolyzed and a ______ group is transferred to the atp changing its ______ and allowing release of Na
    • phosphate group 
    • conformation
  28. what is the name given to the folds that grately increase the surface area of the inner mitochondrial membrane
  29. what type of gradien tis established using H ions during phase 1 of oxidative phophorylation
    electrochemical gradient
  30. 25-30 different proteins make up the nuclear pore complex what is the general name given to these protens
  31. when a signal sequence emerges on a protein being ranslated what is the name of the protein that binds to this sequence
    signal recognition particel
  32. during co translational impor through waht membrane component does the nasscent protein pass to enter the dnoplasmic reticulum
  33. true or false
    the syntesis of a lysosomal acid hyrolase will occur co translationally
  34. cholesterol
    lipid rafts
  35. SNARE
    vesicle docking
  36. COP 1
    retrograde transport
  37. keratin
    epithelial intermediate filament
  38. name four differences between microtubules and intermediate filaments
    • microtubules are dynamically unstable while intermediate filaments are 
    • mt are made up of alfa tubulin and beta tubulin while if are made up of one a family of alpha helical proteins 
    • mt have structural polarity while if overal does not 
    • mt has motor protens and if does not
  39. label nucleoplasm
    • top to bottom 
    • cytoplasmic filamints
    • nucleoplasmic ring
    • nuclear basket
  40. when prion protens misfold it can result in diseases CJD list 2 causes that lead to misfolding of prions
    • prions can misfold spontaneously due to change in the hydrogen bonding of the amino acids of the protein 
    • misfolded prion can react with properly folded prions in a chain reaction that changes the folding of normal
  41. which class of membrane protein to prions belong
    lipid anchored membrane proteins
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