that's english modulo 6 unit 1 teoriaII

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  1. each other
    one another
    • Each other se utiliza para expresar una acción que se
    • desarrolla entre dos personas y one another entre más
    • de dos.

    • Tom and Mary help each other at the gym.
    • The athletes congratulated one another.
  2. have been+ing
    presente perfecto continuo
    • Se usa has / have been + -ing para enfatizar la
    • duración de una acción que empezó en el pasado y que continúa en el presente.

    • We have been doing yoga for ten years.
    • I have been reading this book since last month.
    • She has been feeling dizzy all morning.
  3. present perfect/ present perfect continuo
    Se utiliza present perfect para indicar que la situaciónya ha terminado.

    • I’ve done my homework.
    • I have just read that book.
    • I have already made an appointment.

    Se utiliza present perfect continuous para hablar de una situación o acción terminada pero con un resultado en el presente.

    • My hair is wet because I’ve been swimming.
    • At last! I’ve been calling you all day.
  4. ask about a problem
    • What’s the matter?
    • What’s wrong?
    • What happened?
    • How are you feeling?
    • Are you in pain?

    You look (pale...)
  5. Show sympathy
    • What a shame!
    • What a pity!
    • Oh, dear!
    • I’m sorry to hear that!
    • That’s too bad!

    That looks serious!
  6. Talk about a problem
    • I’m feeling depressed.
    • My back hurts.
    • I feel awful.
    • I’ve got...

    • ...a rash / indigestion.
    • ...a broken leg.
    • I am exhausted.
  7. Give advice
    • You should...
    • You ought to...
    • Why don’t you...?
    • If I were you, I’d...
    • You’d better see a doctor
  8. dar consejos
    • Para dar consejo se usan verbos y expresiones como
    • should, shouldn’t, ought to, could, how about + -ing, e imperativos.

    The doctor said he should give up smoking.

    You shouldn’t go out if you have a cold.

    Children ought to eat more fruit and vegetables.

    You could ride your bicycle to work.
  9. e-mail

    • I haven’t seen you for a long time. I hope everything
    • is all right.

    • I’m writing to ask you for some advice. Unfortunately,
    • my mother has been ill since she got caught in a
    • rainstorm last week. She’s had a high temperature
    • and hasn’t eaten anything for days.

    • The doctor came to see her yesterday. He told her
    • to rest and take aspirin, but I’m still worried. I know
    • you believe in herbal remedies and alternative
    • medicine. Can you give me some advice?

    • Bye for now,
    • Samuel
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