ProQa 60 and 40 codes

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  1. 60E
    Events non-charge
  2. 60C
    events charging (WFA only)
  3. 40E03
    Airport full emergency
  4. 40Ω01
    airport standby
  5. 40E04
    Police/ fire standby
  6. 40E05
    SAR / Beacon search
  7. 60B01
    Standard Patient transfer / medical transfer
  8. 60B02
    double crew patient transfer (even if urgent due to billing)
  9. 60D01
    urgent patient transfer
  10. 60C
    out of region mobility transfer (WFA only)
  11. 60A01
    Air / helipad  pt transfer
  12. 60A02
    Air /IHT team / equip transfer
  13. 60C
    Air /IHT team /equip transfer (WFA only)
  14. 60B06
    private hire
  15. 60C
    private hire- mobility transfer (WFA only)
  16. 60C
    NTA mobility transfer (WFA only)
  17. 60C
    DHB mobility transfer (WFA only )
  18. 60C
    AMB referred mobility transfer (WFA only)
  19. 60A03
    Medical transfer
  20. 60B05
  21. 60B03
    maternity transfer
  22. 60A04
    ACC secondary transport
  23. 60B04
    Hospice trnasfer
  24. 60C
    residential care facility transfer (WFA only)
  25. 60B07
    day clinic bus service

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