that's english modulo 6 unit 2-videoA

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  1. todo acerca
    I know everything about potatoes.
  2. parcela
    allotment [əˈlɒtmənt

    también significa cuota, distribución
  3. estaba por la zona y averigüe tu teléfono de Rolland, o Rolland me paso tu teléfono
    I was in the area and I found your number from Rolland.
  4. saludo
    Hello, Chris. Nice to meet you.
  5. es solo que
    it’s just that we decided to homeschool her.
  6. ingreso fijo
    How do you manage without a steady income? steady [ˈstedɪ]
  7. suficiente dinero
    We have just enough money to get by
  8. gane mucho dinero
    I made a lot of money
  9. no duro mucho
    it didn’t last long.
  10. de lujo
    • I've got a top-of-the-range company car, a luxurious office, and a personal
    • assistant who looks after me and makes me coffee. 

  11. somebody
    • You know, I always thought you'd become somebody really important. You were
    • good at everything at school. I really admired you.
  12. desde la ultima vez que te vi
    You’ve changed a lot since I last saw you. 
  13. mas importante que cualquier cosa
    I’m okay, thanks. Both Isla and I think that family life is more important than anything else. And I want to be around for Sienna.
  14. algún lugar?
    you'll enjoy it. Can you imagine anywhere more peaceful than this?
  15. por favor ponte comodo

    siempre que alguien viene a casa
    Please make yourself at home.
  16. ni a zack ni a mi nos gusta
    • but neither Zack nor I like the
    • education system in this country.
  17. tambien…….o……
    supongo que tu también eres comunista o anarquista
    I suppose you're either communists or anarchists.
  18. se haces sentir aburrido y convencional
    You make me feel boring and conventional.
  19. fuiste siempre muy bueno conmigo
    you were always very good to me.
  20. las cosas no son tan buenas como te conte el otro día
    Things aren't as good as I told you the other day.
  21. si te puedo ayudar de alguna manera
    if I can help in any way ... You can either come home for a chat or come and work on the allotment any time you want.
  22. ing  como sujeto
    Having children, I think that changes many peoples’ perspectives.
  23. valores
    I do think peoples’ lifestyles and values have changed over the last 10 years, 

    value [ˈvæljuː]
  24. opinion, convicción
  25. Zack doesn’t have strong political beliefs. 
    belief [bɪˈliːf]
  26. estar indispuesto
    to be unwell estar indispuesto

    Sienna isn’t at school because she is unwell
  27. Living off-the-grid
    means, literally, to disconnect your house from the electric power lines that pollute   the environment. Instead, people living off-the-grid use cleaner energy sources,
  28. procedencia, fuente
    source [sɔːs]

    use cleaner energy sources, such as solar and wind power.
  29. off-the-grid
    • use cleaner energy sources, such as solar and wind power. 
    • living closer to nature, where you can grow
    • your own food. 

    spend less money, so they live in smaller homes and own fewer possessions. 

    Most of these people don’t drive cars. 

    prefer to get back in touch with nature. 

  30. Getting back to the simple life has many advantages,but it’s not so easy.
    • when the electricity goes out, either you fix
    • it yourself or live without it.
  31. habilidad destreza
    life off-the-grid also requires many different skills

    • .skill [skɪl]
  32. agua con gas
    sparkling water

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