New Deal Terms Quiz

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  1. Insures bank deposits, guaranteeing that depositors’ money will be safe
    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – FDIC
  2. Built dams in the Tennessee River valley to control flooding and generate electric power
    Tennessee Valley Authority- TVA
  3. Promoted economic recovery by regulating production, prices, and wages
    National Recovery Administration- NRA
  4. Provided millions of jobs constructing public buildings
    Public Works Administration- PWA
  5. Provided young men with relief jobs on environmental conservation projects, including reforestation and flood control
    Civilian Conservation Corps- CCC
  6. Employed millions of people on government projects ranging from highway construction to arts programs
    Works Progress Administration- WPA
  7. Established a pension system and unemployment insurance; provided payments to workers injured on the job, the poor, and people with disabilities
    Social Security Act- SSA
  8. Provided loans to electric companies to build power lines, bringing electricity to isolated rural areas
    Rural Electrification Administration- REA
  9. Outlawed unfair labor practices; granted workers the right to organize unions and to bargain collectively; created the National Labor Relations Board
    National Labor Relations Act- aka Wagner Act
  10. Subsidized construction of low-cost public  housing by providing federal loans
    United States Housing Authority- USHA
  11. Banned child labor, established a minimum hourly wage, and set the workweek at 44 hours
    Fair Labor Standards Act
  12. Prohibited the mislabeling of food, drugs, and cosmetics, and ensured the safety and purity of these products
    Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act
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