Body Systems

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    Lungs: a pair of organs in the respiratory system that pulls in oxygen and pushes out carbdioxide
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    Stomach: an organ in the digestive system that uses acid and enzymes to break down food
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    Stoma (singular) or Stomata (plural): a cell-sized who that opens to allow sunlight into the plant for photosynthesis and closes to slow water loss from transpiration
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    Kidneys: a pair of organs in the urinary system (within the excretory system) that pulls waste and excess water out of blood
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    Transpiration: the less of water from plant leaves.  The allows water and nutrients to move up through the plant.  It also cools the plant.
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    Skeletal System: the bones and cartilage give structure to the body
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    Geotropism: geo- Earth + tope -direction.  Example: roots turn to grow toward the Earth, stems turn to grow away from the Earth
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    Xylem and phloem: tissues in plants (including trees) that help move minerals around
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    Small Intestine: an organ in the digestive system that absorbs most needed nutrients
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    Hydrotropism: hydro- water + trope- turn Example: plant roots turn toward water
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    • Chemotropism: chemo- chemical + trope- turn
    • Example: pollen stem grow toward plant ovules
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    • Thermotropism: thermo- heat +trope-turn
    • Example: plant leaves grow toward warm areas
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    • Phototropism: photo-light + trope-turn
    • Example: plant stems grow toward light
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    Heart: an organ in the circulatory system that pumps blood throughout the body
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    Blood vessels: arteries, veins, and capillaries are tissues in the circulatory system that carry blood.
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    Gills: a pair of organs in fishes' respiratory system that takes oxygen from water
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    White Blood Cells: cells in the immune system that help fight diseases
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    Bone Marrow: a tissue within the bones of the skeletal system that produces white blood cells
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    Spleen: an organ in the immune system that creates and stores blood cells
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    Neurons: cells in the nervous system send electrical signals throughout the body to produce sensations
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