P 301 chapter 2 Competitiveness strategy and production

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  1. Competitiveness
    how effectively an organization meets the wants and needs of customers relative to others that offer similar goods or services
  2. Marketing's influence
    • identifying consumers want and or needs
    • price and quality
    • advertising and promotion
  3. Core Competencies
    the special attributes or abilities that give an organization a competitive edge
  4. Hierarchical Planning
    • Mission- reason for the organizational existence
    • Goal- Provided detail and scope of the mission
    • Organizational Strategies- plan for achieving the goal.
    • Functional goal-
    • Tactics- the methods and actions taken to accomplish strategies
  5. SWOT
    Analysis of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  6. Order qualifiers
    Order winners
    Environmental scanning
    • - characteristics that customers percieve as minimum standards of acceptability to be considered as a potential for purchase
    • -thing that makes customers choice it over competitions
    • - monitoring of events and trends that present threats or opportunities for a company
  7. Operations Strategy
    the approach, consistent with the organization strategy, that is used to guide the  operations functions
  8. Quality based strategy
    strategy that focuses on quality in all phase of an organization
  9. time based strategy
    strategy that focuses on reduction of time needed to accomplish tasks
  10. Productivity
    • a measure of effective use of resource, usually expressed as the ratio
  11. effective strategy formulation requires taking into account
    • core competencies
    • Environmental scanning
    • SWOT
  12. Productivity growth
    • Current productivity - previous productivity
    • Previous productivity                           *100
  13. service sector productivity
    • this is difficult to measure and manage bec
    • -it involves intellectual activities
    • -it has a high degree of variability
    • A useful measure related to productivity is process yield
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