User's Bill of Rights

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  1. Reasonable access and accommodation for people of all abilities and backgrounds
    Example - Universal Design, no split level floors, etc.
  2. Safe Space sheltered from the elements
    Example - Shelter (i.e. Roof, Walls, Floor)
  3. Arrangements that facilitate required functions
    Example - work triangle of space in kitchen.
  4. Provisions for Privacy
    Example - Solid walls, doors, partitions.
  5. Some Degree of Control
    Example - ability to control lights, A/C, heating, etc.
  6. Some degree of Flexibility
    Example - furniture arrangement in future, change accessories to suit, etc.
  7. Access to natural light and views
    Example - Windows, entrances to the outside
  8. Healthy Ambient Conditions
    Example -
  9. Connection to other relevant parts/spaces
    Example - Adjacencies, ease of access between spaces.
  10. Safety from external threats
    Example - locks on doors, windows, house alarm, etc.
  11. Clear orientation
    Example -
  12. Efficient emergency egress
    Example - Clear, open and defined paths to primary exits from space/house.
  13. Reasonable comfort
    Example - space properly scaled to suit function, arrangements of furniture to suit the use of the space, adequate lighting, etc.
  14. Reasonable overall convenience
    Example -
  15. A pleasant environment
    Example - An atmosphere that is comfortable and makes you want to be in it.
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