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    This is an R720 rack server with the cover and shrouds removed. What are components A, B, C, D, E and F and what roles do they play in the server?
    • A Fan
    • B Dimm
    • C CPU
    • D PCI Card
    • E HDF PERC Embeded
  2. A: Fan
    • B: Dimm
    • C: CPU
    • D: PCI Card
    • E: HDF PERC
  3. Is component the Fan hot swappable and what would happen if we removed it?
    Can be operated temporarily without one of its cooling fans, allowing hot-swap replacement
  4. U-Dimm
    Unregistered DIMMS: (UDIMMS) are unbuffered low density, low latency DIMMs which do not include a register or a buffer chip. UDIMMs are suited for cost savings and power savings. UDIMMs, however, limits the system memory to 24GB
  5. R-Dimm
    Registered DIMMs (RDIMMS) have an on-board register and are able to provide better performance for heavier workloads. They have a slight increase in latency and generally use slightly more power than a UDIMM, but place less electrical load on the memory controller. They are usually found only in applications where the need for scalability and stability outweights the need for a low price.
  6. LR-Dimm
    Load Reduced DIMMs (LRDIMM) use a buffer chip in addition to a register to reduce memory loading, lower latency, and allows for greater bandwidth and density.
  7. LV-Dimm
    DDR3L: (Low Voltage) is the low voltage version of DDR3. At 1.35 to 1.5 volts the memory consumes less power, reduces heat, potential wear and helps to reduce power costs over time. As such it is considered to be more “eco-friendly.”
  8. What does BMC stand for and what can a customer do with it?
    • Baseboard Management Controller =
    • Chip on MB, provides boots services, (educate Dell search)Standard (IPMI Compliant)for all PCs troubleshooting, basic management functions.  Lower level than DRAC
  9. If the customer wanted more functionality than the BMC offered, what do they need and what extra features can they get?
    DRAC or iDRAC
  10. Dell sells 4 different hard drive types, what are they?
  11. List the 4 different drive types in descending order under the following categoriesSize, Speed, Cost
    • Type 1 SATA – slow cheap, slowly leaving market
    • Type 2 NL-SAS SATA with a SAS Channel
    • Type 3 SAS
    • Type 4 SSD
  12. What does Raid do for a customer?
    RAID is a method to protect your data that is saved to disks
  13. What can a Mezzanine card do for a blade?
    Enable fabrics B& C can support a wide array of hot pluggable switch module options such as Ethernet (including Iscsi), Fiber Channel, and Infiniband technologies. They provide a single hardware design that allows scaling from a low cost an all Ethernet solution, to a solution that utilizes switch stacking technologies that interconnect multiple switches within or between chassis.
  14. What is a Fabric when it comes to the M1000E chassis?
    Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre channel or Infiniband.
  15. What does Raid do for a customer?
    • RAID is a method to protect your data that is saved to disks
    • Benefits
    • -Fault Tolerance-Improves speed
    • (more spindles more speed)
  16. What can a Mezzanine card do for a blade?
    Additional functionality-Horizontal parallel (Small Space)
  17. What does CMC stand for and how can it help customers?
    • Chassis Management Controllers
    • The CMC is a centralized management controller that provides a single secure interface for:
    • - inventory,
    • -configuration,
    • -monitoring and alerting for the chassis and all components. -It also provides dedicated Ethernet connects to each iDRAC and I/O switch allowing for common management of up to six I/O modules through a single connection and real time power monitoring, thermal management, and fan control.
  18. What does CMC stand for and how can it help customers?  What advantages do modular chassis give?
    • Space Savers
    • Energy Savers

    • Modular servers are referred to as blades. Blade servers require their own chassis to:
    • - get power
    • - connect to each other or the rest of the network.With great performance per square foot of rack space and up to 43% better density compared to traditional 1U rack servers, this high performance blade server helps solve many of the challenges that customers face today - intensified scrutiny on capital expenditures, limited real estate, increased workload for IT resources, inadequate power and cooling, complex integrations into existing environments, and unmanageable cable sprawl.
  19. What is the difference between a UPS and a PDU?
    • Uninterrupted Power Supply: UPSs ensure continued operation or controlled power cycling of important systems during facility power interruptions.
    • Power Distribution Unit: are metered to provide advance power metering and can also be configured to remotely switch individual power outlets on and off to closely manage data center energy consumption.
  20. What is the different between a KMM and a KVM and how do they work together?
    • KMM(Keyboard, Monitor, Touchpad) in a 1U tray.
    • KVM(Keyboard, Video, and Mouse) outputallows users to control multiple blades from one keyboard, video monitor and mouse. The M1000E’s KVM has two USB keyboard/mouse connections and one video and utilizes local front “crash cart” console connections that can be switched between blades. It requires the optional Avocent iKVM switch to enable these ports. 
  21. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of:
    Cloud Backup
    Tape Backup
    Disk Backup
    • Cloud: From server to a network-remote
    • -DR site, somewhere someone
    • -Requires Bandwidth (large Data bad)

    Tape: Cheap, reliable, security Offline, someone has to store/replace/susceptible to erasure

    Disk: Fast reliable, expensive Small medium storage needs
  22. In the event of a drive failure, does it matter what drive replaces it? Why/Why not?
    • RAID Set
    • Hot Spare, rebuilds on hot spare. When replaced – EQL/Compellent becomes hot spare
    • PowerVault -goes back to original configuration
  23. What role would a hot spare play in a Raid array?
    Blank waiting to replace a failed drive
  24. HD,
     are hard drive part descriptions. What does each section separated by a comma mean to the spec of the drive?
    • HD, Hard Drive
    • 1T, Size
    • NL-6б  Neal Line
    • 7.2K - RPMs
    • 3.5 Physical Size
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