History 202 Test 2

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  1. -The Rough Riders (first volunteer cavalry)
    -Ran under the Progressive Party (the Bull Moose Party) election 1912
    T. Roosevelt
  2. National American Women's Suffrage Association (went after wives of congress to campaign women's voting right)
    C.C. Catt
  3. said, regarding the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire "life's so cheap and property's so sacred"
    R. Schneidermann
  4. National Women's Party, violence is okay to get women to vote
    A. Paul
  5. American naval hero of the Spanish American War
    G. Dewey
  6. wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History
    A.T. Mahan
  7. black man, The Atlanta Compromise speech: "We are a nation within a nation"
    B.T. Washington
  8. protestant spreading the gospel, wrote Our Country
    J. Strong
  9. The Boxer Rebellion - commanded the China Relief Expedition
    A. Chaffee
  10. black man, wrote The Souls of Black Folk
    W.E.B. DuBois
  11. made National Monuments emerge, president can create them
    Antiquities Act
  12. 1) Germany's resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare
    2) Zimmerman Telegram
    Why US entered WWI
  13. 1) to liberate Cuba
    2) to avenge the USS Maine
    3) the DeLome Letter (called Americans foolish)
    Why US declared war on Spain
  14. Federal funding to construct dams in the west
    Reclamation Act
  15. destroyed relationship between Taft and Roosevelt
    -Pinchot didn't listen to Ballinger so Ballinger got Taft to fire Pinchot
    Ballinger-Pinchot Affair
  16. ends Spanish American War
    US gets Phillipines, Guam, Puerto Rico
    Treaty of Paris 1898
  17. Company officers held responsible for the actions of their company, the "Magna Carta of Labor". Unions exempt.
    Clayton Anti-Trust Act
  18. -General, commands Punitive Expedition (to kill Villa)
    -Commands American Expeditionary Force
    J. Pershing
  19. makes it a federal crime to transport women across state lines for immoral purpose
    Mann Act
  20. amendment to declaration of war on Spain, at end of war US would not acquire Cuba
    Teller Amendment
  21. 1896 court case, decided separate but equal access to public facilities is constitutional
    (Washington supported and DeBois opposed)
    Plessy V. Ferguson
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