Digital Advertising

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  1. What advertising approach interrupts the consumer's experience with advertising messaging?
    Dominant advertising
  2. What advertising is one-way communication that is broadcasted to viewers?
    push advertising
  3. How many ad exposures within a purchase cycle is an optimal threshold?
  4. One ad exposure has great effect, true or false?
    false - 3 is optimal
  5. This is when advertisers get the explicit or implicit permission from customers to receive relevant advertising messages.
    Permission marketing
  6. This is when advertisers attract or pull customers in who are actively seeking their product with relevant original content that helps them meet their needs.
    content marketing / inbound marketing
  7. We are all __________ in dynamic ways, in real and asynchronous time.
  8. What are the four "zones"?
    Social Communities, Social Publishing, Social Entertainment, Social Commerce.
  9. What are the types of Media?
    Paid Media, Owned Media, Earned Media
  10. Purchasing time/space on mass media channels is what?
    Paid media
  11. Channels controlled directly by a brand is what?
    owned media
  12. Messages distributed at no direct cost to the brand by methods beyond its direct control is what?
    earned media
  13. What are the three stages of social media marketing?
    Trial - > Transition - > Strategic
  14. the trial stage of social media marketing is characterized by what?
    experimental approaches
  15. What are the 5 "reasons" we participate in social networks?
    Affinity, Prurient, Immediacy/Contact Comfort, Altruistic, and Validation Impulses.
  16. This is to express a relationship
    Affinity Impulse
  17. This is to feed our curiosity about relationships.
    Prurient Impulse
  18. This is to feel a sense of closeness to others
    Immediacy Impulse/Contact Comfort
  19. This is to respond to crisis and "do immediate good"
    Altruistic Impulse
  20. This is to feed our own ego
    Validation ego
  21. This is to measure the feelings and opinions relevant to the brand mentions
    Sentiment analysis
  22. What are some things that differentiate Listening from Monitoring?
    • Listening is:
    • haphazard, inconsistent, not systematic, manual process, used for business purposes no research
  23. What is the best insight when measuring social media?
    Actionable Business Intelligence
  24. What are the 4 steps in developing a measurement plan?
    Define, Assess, Track, Adjust
  25. What does KPI stand for?
    Key Performance Indicators
  26. What are the social media metrics?
    Activity Metrics, Engagement Metrics, and Performance Metrics
  27. This measures actions the organization takes relative to social media
    Activity metrics
  28. This measures interactions with the social media platform by the target market
    Engagement metrics
  29. This measures outcomes/returns that support the success of the brand.
    Performance metrics
  30. What are some key differences of Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0?
    Web 1.0 is taxonomy, it's made by organizations. 2.0 is made by people/users. It's folksonomy
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