Daily Affirmations

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  1. I love opening my Virtual Office, going to the personal section and looking at my check of $5,000.  It is absolutely awesome!
  2. "I deserve all happiness in my life now and forever!"
  3. "I am very positive at all times!"
  4. "I am one impressive National Marketing Director!  I dominate the computer in Colliersville with my team growth direct to me!  The computer has a hard time keeping up with my PB explosion!
  5. "I have a relaxed and warm outward personality!"
  6. "I have an exciting life with exciting people around me!"
  7. "Everything I do turns out exquisitely better than I could have ever planned!
  8. "I am my own product and there is a waiting list!"
  9. "It is within my power to choose my state of mind!
  10. "I am  a money magnet.  Money flows to me easily!"
  11. "I am strong willed enough, my energy is awesome enough, and my self worth is high enough that I attract the Shawn & Jennifer Myers of the world.  They totally become integrated into my team!
  12. "I see every bit and piece out there.  I see what is going on around me, especially the opportunities which will help me to reach my goals.  This assures me I will reach my goal."
  13. "I have an exiting life with exciting people around me."
  14. "I am excited.  I am brand new and I love it!"
  15. "Pressure is exciting and stimulating to me.  I do an even better job when I'm under pressure.!
  16. "I love my perception.  Every time I look at something, my brain automatically takes it to an awesome conclusion."
  17. "I am the queen of the 2000+!  My focus on this permeates my entire team and causes incredible growth!"
  18. "It gives me a great amount of pride and control that my goals are wrapped up by the 25th, month after month!  The rest of the month is gravy!"
  19. "I love having fun!  I love having the cash flow to make fun happen for Jim, me and our family."
  20. I love stepping up and taking my rightful place as a National Marketing Director in the JuicePLUS+ community.  I am a seriously known quantity."
  21. "I, Monica Queener, dominate 39-Club.  39-Club is named Monica Queener.  My business is the buzz around the JuicePLUS+ Company.  I dominate the computer that sites in Colliersville - it fears me!"
  22. "Everything I do turns out exquisitely better than I could have ever panned."
  23. "I am constantly amazed that people gravitate toward me consistently and with great passion!  It's fun when they get it!"
  24. "I am amazed by my confidence every day.  My life is absolutely awesome!  The right things occur in my life at the right time."
  25. "I am strong-willed and decisive.  I am a master at the T30 Program.  I own T30!  When I speak of T30, people are riveted listening to me."
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Affirmations that I do in the morning and before bed, when I am relaxed.
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