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  1. Adirondacks are protected by what?
    NY state constitution
  2. forrester who worked on the builtmore estate and worked for T. Roosevelt
    Gifford Pinchot
  3. which of the following cities are not located on the fall line?
    Mobile, Alabama
  4. which is not one of the 7 wonders of the US?
    Washington monument
  5. Major John Wesley Powell recommended how much land could support a family on livestock
    2560 acres, or 4 sections
  6. Who is the Father of Landscape architecture?
    Frederick Law Olmstead
  7. allowed prez to set aside land for public protection
    Antiquities act
  8. who wrote symphony #9 in the new world?
  9. who wrote Grand Canyon Suite?
    Ferde Grofe
  10. who wrote canyon, and river run? -
    Paul Winters
  11. T or F. 80 acres with water was needed to support a family through stock raising.
  12. Monument Valley is part of what physiographic province?
    Colorado Plateau
  13. Painted desert is in what physiographic province?
    Colorado Plateau
  14. what physiographic province is the red wood forest located in?
    Pacific border
  15. what physiographic province is port lovos located in?
    Pacific border
  16. what physiographic province is mono lake located in?
    Basin and Range
  17. what physiographic province is salt lake located in?
    Basin and Range
  18. what physiographic province is death valley located in?
    Basin and Range
  19. what physiographic province is the Biltmore estate located in?
    Blue Ridge
  20. what physiographic province is Harper's Ferry located in?
    Blue Ridge
  21. what physiographic province is Stone mountain located in?
    The piedmont
  22. what physiographic province is Cape Hattaras located in?
    Coastal plain
  23. what physiographic province is Atchafalaya located in?
    coastal plain
  24. what physiographic province is Minute man located in?
    New England
  25. what physiographic province is Boston located in?
    New England
  26. what physiographic province is Vermont located in?
    New England
  27. T or F. Filoli Garden was built by the commissioner. Located on or near the San Andreas Fault
  28. Who wrote "A meeting in the Valley"?
    John Muir
  29. Who wrote "The shot heard round the world"?
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  30. Who wrote "Reflected Distinction"?
    Henry James
  31. who wrote "ride the rockies and save your soul"?
    Mary Roberts Rinehart
  32. Who wrote "On tour through the Yellowstone"?
    Rudyard Kipling
  33. Who wrote "Divine Abyss"?
    John Burroughs
  34. Who wrote "Two Yosemite Poems"?
    Harriet Monroe
  35. Who wrote "Scrapers of the Deep Wind"?
    Carl Sandberg
  36. Who Wrote "Gulping the Great West"?
    Thomas Wolfe
  37. Who wrote "preservation for all"?
    Fredrick Law Olmstead
  38. Who wrote "A sandy county almanac"?
    Aldo Leopold
  39. How many years passed after the idea for Yellowstone before it actually happened?
  40. What is the first national park
  41. Who designed Central park?
    Frederick Law Olmstead
  42. Who co-designed Central Park?
    Calvine Bowe
  43. What is the place people could get a ride across the Colorado River?
    Lee's Ferry
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