Chapter 26 quiz

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  1. When hot gas defrost is used on low temp sys. w/ remote condensing units, the hot gas line is connected between the _________________
    compressor discharge line to the distributors on the outlet of the TX valve
  2. Display cases can be called
    • open
    • closed
  3. The panels on a walk in coller are held together by
    cam - action locks
  4. The formation of sweat around the doors on a display case is eliminated  by
    electric heaters under the surfaces
  5. The advantages of using one large compressor for several refrigerated cases is
    larger motors are more efficient
  6. The advantage of the multiple compressors or parallel compressor rack operating several refrigeration cases is 
    if one compressor is defective, the others can carry the load until repairs are made
  7. Fan coil units used in medium temp cases are usually defrosted using
    unit off cycling planned defrost
  8. A condensing unit with four motor- compressor assemblies manifold together must provide the suction pressure for the
    lowest temperature evaporator
  9. The copper line connecting the evaporator, metering device to the condensing unit is called
    bypass piping
  10. If large amounts of ice are forming on a low temp evap, what could possibly be the problem
    • defective evap fan motor
    • defective hot gas defrost solenoid valve
  11. An advantage in using one condensing unit with several evaporators is
    the condensing unit is larger and more efficient
  12. When multiple evap. with multi-circuits are used with a single condensing unit, an EPR valve must be used on
    all but the lowest temp. evap
  13. In heat reclaim system, the vapor line carrying the refrigerant vapor to the heating coil is connected to the
    hot gas line
  14. A  display case is considered to be self- contained when
    the evaporator and condensing unit are located within the case
  15. If one compressor is used for three evap( two med temp, one low temp) the two med temp evap will have pressure regulators installed at their inlets

    True or False
  16. Secondary fluids (refrigerants) remain as a liquid at all times
    True or False
  17. The individual evap in a multiple evap sys. can be defrosted one at a time, using hot gas defrost, while the remaining evap continue to provide refrigeration

    True or False
  18. When multiple evap are manifolded together to a common suction line, each evap. must have its own expansion valve

    True or False
  19. When hot gas defrost is used on a low temp sys. the compressor will remain on during the defrost cycle

    True or False
  20. Capacity control of an air drier is done using hot gas bypass valve or an EPR valve

    True or False
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