Chapter 1: Manual Therapy Approaches in Rehabilitation

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Chapter 1: Manual Therapy Approaches in Rehabilitation
2015-03-04 03:43:12
Manual Therapy Approaches
NPTE: Chapter 1
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  1. Manual Therapy Approaches
    All approaches provide a philosophical bases, subjective evaluation, objective examination, a diagnosis, and a plan of care
  2. Three Categories of Approaches
    • Physician Generated
    • PT Generated
    • Chiropractic Generated
  3. Physician Generated Approaches
    • Mennell believed the joint is the dysfunctional unit
    • Osteopaths suggest that any component of the somatic system is responsible for dysfunction
    • Cyriax contends that dysfunction is due to interplay between contractile and non contractile tissues
  4. PT Generated Approaches
    • McKenzie feels that postural factors precipitate discal dysfunction; treatment emphasizes the use of extension exercises
    • Maitland proposes that subjective evaluation should be integrated with objective measures to determine dysfunctional area
    • Kaltenborn believes that abnormal joint mobility and soft tissue changes account for dysfunction
  5. Chiropractic Generated Approaches
    • Focus to restore normal joint function through soft tissue and joint manipulation¬†
    • Chiropractors believe that restoration of normal biomechanics function affects other systems of the body as well, thus improving the state of health in many ways

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