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  1. COP
    Conditions of Participation
  2. HIE
    Health Information Exchange
  3. CPOE
    Computerized Physician Order Entry
  4. ONC
    Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
  5. QIO
    Quality Improvement Organization
  6. CARF
    Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  7. OSHA
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  8. COBRA
    Consolidation Omnibus Budget Reconsiliation Act of 1985
  9. USHIK
    United States Health Information Knowledgebase
  10. AHRQ
    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  11. CHI
    Consolidated Health Informatics
  12. AHIC
    American Health Information Community
  13. HITSP
    Heath Information Technology standards Panel
  14. CCHIT
    Commission on the Certification for Health INformation Technology
  15. NHIN
    National Health Information Network
  16. RBRVS
    Resource-Based Relative Value Scale

    Scale that the physician payment schedule is based on.
  17. ICD-O
    International Classification of Disease - Oncology

    Classification system used to classify neoplasms according to site, morphology, and behavior.
  18. LOINC
    • Logical Observation Identifiers, Names and Codes.
    • - was a system developed to standardize terminology and codes for use in clinical laboratories
    • - applies universal names and identifiers to medical terminology related to electronic health records.
  19. NCHS
    National Center for Health Statistics

    "Is the cooperating party responsible for maintaining the ICD-9-CM Disease classification system. 
    • Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine - Clinical Terms.
    • -Comprehensive clinical terminology
    • - Classified system designed with electronic systems in mind and is currently being used for problem lists, ICU monitoring, PT care assessments, data collection, medical research studies, clinical trials, and disease surveillance.
    • *Created by CAP - College of American Pathologists.
    • *IS the Global Language of Health Care.
  21. RIO
    Release of Information
  22. HL7
    • Health Level 7
    • - A standards development orgainization that addresses issues at the application level of health care system interconnections.
  23. CQI
    Continuous Quality Improvement
  24. PDCA
    • Plan
    • Do
    • Check
    • Act
  25. MPI
    Master Patient Index
  26. MAR
    Medication Administration Record
  27. NAHIT
    National Alliance for Health Information Technology.

    has compiled a comprehensive list of current health realted standards in its alliance standards directory.
  28. ASTM
    American Society for Testing Materials
  29. NHII
    National Health Information Infrastructure
  30. AoA
    Administration on Aging.
  31. HIE
    Health Information Exchange
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