World War 1 Facts

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  1. The 5 Causes of World War 1
    • Militarism
    • Alliances
    • Nationalism
    • Imperialism
    • Assassination
  2. Militarism is...
    • The belief in the power of armies and navies to decide issues between countries
    • The building up of military supplies and weapons to show strength
  3. Alliances are...
    • Countries that have banded together for protection against threatening enemies
    • Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
    • Triple Entente: France, Britain, Russia
  4. Nationalism is...
    The feeling of deep loyalty for one's nation. This feeling led to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by Serbian Nationalist group, The Black Hand.
  5. Imperialism Is...
    The race for land overseas in order to build EMPIRES. This led to many quarrels.
  6. Assassination of Franz Ferdinand (The July Crisis)
    Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife are assassinated by Serbian Nationalist Gavrilo Princip. Serbia refuses to allow Austria-Hungary lead the investigation and Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia
  7. Otto van Bismark was...
    The Prussian leader who unified Germany
  8. The Schlieffen Plan was...
    A plan by Germany to move their troops through Belgium instead of across the German-French Border
  9. The 4 major battles of Canada were...
    • Ypres
    • The Somme
    • Vimy Ridge
    • Passchendale
  10. The significance of the battle of Ypres was...
    The first use of chlorine gas
  11. The effects of chlorine gas were...
    • Blindness
    • Suffocation
    • Metallic Taste
    • Blistering
  12. The significance of the battle of The Somme was...
    It was said to be the bloodiest battle of World War 1 with over 1M casualties on the first day.
  13. The significance of the battle of Vimy Ridge was...
    It was Canada's greatest victory with most  weapons captures and most P.O.W.'s than any other army.
  14. The significance of the battle of Passchendale was...
    It was the muddiest battle of world war 1...
  15. Reason's men enlisted to serve were...
    • Adventure
    • Patriotism
    • Money
  16. Minority Groups that were at first restricted to enlist were...
    • Japenese
    • Black
    • Native
  17. The Prime Minister of Canada during the war was...
    Robert Borden
  18. Canada's battles mostly took place on...
    The western front
  19. The year Prime Minister Borden enforced conscription was...
  20. Those who opposed conscription were...
    • Farmers
    • French Canadians
  21. How did conscription affect the relationship between English and French Canadians?
    It created lots of tension
  22. The two acts that were put in place in 1917 were...
    • The Military Service Act
    • The Wartime Elections Act
  23. The Military Service Act of 1917 required...
    compulsory military service from males aged 25-40
  24. The Wartime Elections Act of 1917 gave the right to vote to...
    Women with husbands, brothers or sons that were serving on the front lines
  25. During World War 1, Minister of the Militia and Defense was...
    Sam Hughs
  26. The Canadian soldiers in 1915 carried...
    The Ross Rifle
  27. The Ross Rifle was ineffective because...
    • It jammed
    • The long barrel made it difficult to use in tight spaces
    • It was heavy
    • It was difficult to assemble
  28. Some Canadians just abandoned their Ross rifles and picked up ________ from fallen British soldiers
    Lee Einfelds
  29. The amount of people needed to work artillery was...
    A crew of at least 12
  30. Something found to neutralize the effects of chlorine gas was...
  31. The German submarines that were responsible for sinking The Lucitania were referred to as...
  32. The cost of the war per day was about...
  33. During the war, national debt increased by...
  34. New Government control during the war included...
    • The War Measures Act
    • Restricted immigration
    • Propoganda
    • Rationing
    • Income Tax
    • Prohibition
    • Victory Bonds
  35. Women's role in Canada during the war included...
    • Knitting warm clothing
    • Making bandages
    • Sending food, parcels, cards and letters
    • Working for Red Cross
    • Unofficial Military promoters
    • Voting after 1917
  36. Robert Borden manipulated the voting on his Military Service Act by...
    • Taking votes away from recent immigrants from enemy nations
    • Taking votes away from pacifists
    • Giving votes to all soldiers
    • Giving votes to women related to Canadian soldiers
  37. Of the 120 000 Canadian men conscripted, the number that actually went overseas was...
    47 000
  38. The 3 factors that compelled the U.S. to join the war were...
    • Unrestricted U-Boat warfare
    • The Zimmerman Telegram
    • British heritage
  39. In 1918, the German army suffered from...
    • Lack of food
    • Lack of fresh troops
  40. The fighting ended at...
    11:00 on Nov. 11, 1918
  41. Some of the requirements of The Treaty of Versailles were...
    • Germany take full responsibility for the war
    • Germany pay for all war damages
    • Germany keep its army under 100 000
    • Germany restrict its navy to 36 ships
    • Germany is forbidden to have any submarines
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