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  1. What is longshore drift
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    beach material/sediment  transported along the coast 

    waves hit at an angle (swash) due to prevailing wind

    dragged back by backwash
  2. What is swash?
    When waves break on to a beach at an angle, material is pushed up the beach at the same angle by the swash
  3. what is backwash?
    material is pushed back down the beach by the backwash at ninety degrees to the coast.
  4. How are beaches formed?
    made up of eroded material that has been transported from elsewhere using longshore drift

    Constructive waves help to build up beaches.
  5. what is the formation of a stump?
    • Cracks in cliff face+waves with sand+hydraulic action 
    • =wave cut notch

    erodes over time 


    breaks through


    Arch collapses


    attacks base


    Weathering and erosion can create caves, arches, stacks and stumps along a headland.
  6. what is the process of cliff erosion
    • Weather weakens the top of the cliff.
    • The sea attacks the base of the cliff forming a wave-cut notch.
    • The notch increases in size causing the cliff to collapse.
    • The backwash carries the rubble towards the sea forming a wave-cut platform.
    • The process repeats and the cliff continues to retreat.
  7. formation of a stump?
    • Crack
    • cave
    • arch
    • stack
    • stump
  8. what is a headland?
    Hard/soft rock attacked by destructive waves

    section of land left stuck out

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