commercial ice machine chapter 27

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  1. Making Flake Ice
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    • formed in a vertical cylinder
    • Auger scrapes the ice from cylinder wall
    • ice production and harvest are continuous
    • water level is maintained by a float
    • waste water is used to cool in the condenser
    • auger turns 9 - 16 rpm
    • motor 1750 rpm reduced by a gear reduction
  2. Flake type auger exploded view
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  3. Flake ice water fill  system
    • Dual float switch & water control valve:
    • float switch controls solenoid
    • solenoid controls water valve
    • system shuts down on low water level sensed by a conductive probe
    • Electric water valve opens on low water level
  4. Flake ice - Flush cycle
    • flushing cycle is computer controlled
    • some system drain whenever system cycles off
  5. flake ice - Bin controls
    • mechanical flapper device senses backed up ice
    • Infrared electric eye:
    •  sensor can "see each other" when ice is low
    •  sensors cannot see each other when ice is high
    • sound waves, or sonar, can control ice level
    • Thermostats are liquid filled bulbs
  6. Ice flakers use txv, axv, or cap tubes for metering device.
    txv usually have a 3*-4* superheat
    can have more than 1 expansion device in parallel
    evap is usually wrapped around the cylinder
  7. Basic troubleshooting - flakers:
    1)when you hear sounds like 2 pieces of Styrofoam  rubbing together, or crunching sound, or a squeal, or very hard ice.
    2)Clicking sounds:
    3) most common problems are:
    • 1) mineral is building up on the cylinder
    • 2) mechanical problem
    • 3) Auger, gear motor, bearings,gear reducer
  8. The water fill system uses what to control water flow
    • dual float switch,water control valve:is solenoid operated magnetically.
    • conductivity probe, water sensor: will nit be affected by adverse water condition, uses electrical current to sense water level
  9. Flush cycle does what
    A way to get rid of unwanted buildup of minerals is to flush the out the water system on a periodic basis.
  10. Bin controls
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