Midterm Review

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  1. Trout Quintet composer and type
    Schubert / Piano quintet
  2. Symphonie Fantastique composer and type
    Berlioz / Program symphony
  3. The four types of program music with examples and composers
    • Incidental Music-- Nutcracker Suite- Tchaikovsky
    • Program Symphony- Symphonie Fantastique-Berlioz
    • Concert Overture- 1812-Tchaikovsky
    • Tone Poem-Les Preludes- Liszt
  4. Who wrote Derfreishutz and how can it be recognized?
    Weber / Ooooo-EEEeeee
  5. What is notable about Chopin?
    Only specialized in piano music
  6. Who wrote the Academic Festival Overture?
  7. Who wrote Scheherazade?
  8. Who wrote Die moldau?
  9. Who wrote the Unfinished Symphony and Great Symphony in C?
  10. Who wrote the Pastoral Symphony?
  11. Who wrote Winterreise (Winter's Journey) and what type is it?
    Shubert / song cycle
  12. Who wrote Les Preludes, and what type are they?
    Liszt / Tone poem
  13. What defines Glinka?
    The father of Russian nationalism
  14. What defines Wagner?
    Father of Modern Music
  15. Who wrote Missa Silonmis?
  16. Who was Goethe?
    German poet
  17. Who wrote the German Requiem?
  18. What defines Mendelsohn?
    Reintroduced Bach to the 19th century
  19. Who wrote Carmen?
  20. Who wrote Song of the Earth?
  21. Who wrote Gotterdammerung?
  22. Who wrote Falstaff?
  23. Who wrote La Boheme?
  24. Who wrote Bayreuth?
  25. What defines Mahler?
    Famous director who wrote music in the summer; Directory of New York Phil
  26. What defines Weber?
    First composer of German Romantic Opera
  27. What defines Liszt?
    First Great composer of tone poem
  28. What defines Strauss?
    Best known late composer of tone poem
  29. What defines Rossini?
    First great composer of Italian comic opera
  30. What defines Verdi?
    Father of Italian opera
  31. What is the definition of program music?
    Instrumental music that tells a story
  32. What is absolute music?
    music that is NOT program music
  33. What is nationalism?
    Expressing a national identity by using the folk music of the country of the composer, such as Smetna's Die Moldan
  34. What is an art song
    and orchestra or piano with voice. The Erl King by Shubert
  35. What is a song cycle?
    A collection of art songs with a common thread in the text
  36. What is exoticism?
    • Two types:
    • 1. Set in a foreign land--Madame Butterfly by Puccini
    • 2. Magical and mythical--the Ring Cycle of Wagner
  37. What are the four operas of the Ring Cycle?
    Das Rheingold, The Valkyrie, Siegfried, Gotterdammerung
  38. What is the Bayreuth Festspielhaus?
    A theatre built by Wagner for the performance of his operas, especially the Ring Cycle
  39. How many symphonies did Beethoven write?
  40. What is a Leitmotif?
    A phrase of music that depicts an emotion, character, place, idea, etc. Used in German Romantic Opera, i.e. The Valkyrie theme and the Gold theme from Das Rheingold by Wagner.
  41. What was introduced in Beethoven 5?
    piccolo, contrabassoon, and trombone
  42. What was introduced in Beethoven 9?
  43. What does Mahler 8 feature?
    obnoxious amounts of choir
  44. What does Mahler 4 feature?
    a soprano solo in its last movement
  45. Who were the Russian 5?
    • Balakirev
    • Borodin
    • Cui
    • Rimsky-Korsakov
    • Mussorgsky
  46. What is Gesamtkunstwerk?
    Collective art form, Wagner's idea that opera is a universal art form
  47. What are 4 major differences in opera of Puccini and Wagner?
    • Wagner in German, Puccini in Italian
    • Wagner wrote about the magical/mystical, Puccini wrote about real characters and people
    • Wagner's opera were very long, Puccini's were normal length
    • Wagner is orchestra centered, Puccini was centered on voice
    • Wagner used Leitmotifs, Puccini did not
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