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  1. How to Manifest:
    1. Ask
    2. Receive
    "If you don't get the receiving part right, your asking is going to achieve precisely nothing. . . . receiving, in other words, becoming, allowing and being magic."
  2. "Forget about 'thoughts become things.'"
    Wanting = Asking = Lack ("freezes" things)

    ". . . it is not just discrete individual thoughts that become things, but rather the entire package, the entire person, the beliefs, tendencies, energy, confidence levels and actions that a person with those thoughts will tend to carry out.  For beginners, positive thoughts about goals and desires are often in conflict or opposition to these other aspects of that person."
  3. If you don't stop asking for your desire, you'll never receive it.
    "People who have a lot of success with thoughts become things are often those who already consider themselves to have full and happy lives. . . . A person who has nothing cannot usually imagine having money without simultaneously comparing it to how poor they really feel."
  4. Start with small goals, not big.
    • If thinking about a goal brings on the feeling of its lack, then it follows that it could bring about its opposite.  If this is a big goal, its opposite could be horrific.
    • Don't work on specific goals at all, to start with.
  5. Snap-back
    Big manifestation, big disappointment as it "snaps back."  "If you are not ready to receive the manifestation, it won't sick around!"  The person herself must "fit that goal."  Who you are being.

    Opposite is also true: Misfortune doesn't stick to people accustomed to success.

    Failure reinforces negativity - vicious cycle, don't risk it.

    Not all snap-backs are failures; some are just the big changes happening, the furniture rearranging. . . . "stepping stones." . . . But you can't tell the difference.  Treat both as lessons in how the process works.
  6. ". . . become magic before you can do magic."
    Prepare, get a sense of your "inner power," before trying to manifest specific goals.  Go general.

    Life could even be about general "surprises," "one big game," instead of controlling outcomes and wishing for specific things.
  7. Step 1: Take responsibility.
    Ritual to start this: Write it down, have a ceremony, whatever.

    "Notice, learn, record." - Take responsibility for the experiment on yourself.  "A good student of magic blames no one, learns from the experience, and moves on."
  8. Step 2: Clear Away the Dross (Complaining)
    Stop complaining.  It "keeps you in a state of wanting. . . . and wanting is the opposite of having."  Ditto for "worrying, seeing everything in a bad light, the thinking of the worst, the telling of a bleak and bitter story of life." Negative gossip, connecting with other negative people, or complaining to feel better rather than to take action.  Complaining is an addiction.

    It will no longer feel "right" to complain; mental and physical sensation just wrong. Uncomfortable, even being around other people who complain.

    Except: Specific complaints to a specific person to bring about change.
  9. If you don't like the frequency, stop tuning into it.
    I made that up myself!  Good advice for the Rethinking movement!
  10. Step 3: Practice Gratitude
    One page, morning and night: 3 things for which you are grateful.  Big or small things.

    "Don't just write the words, feel it."

    "Look at the world and smile, and it will smile back at you."
  11. Step 4: Notice the results - they build the belief in what is possible.  ("Beliefs become things.")
    "So how do you create a belief in your own inherent magical power from a place of apparent powerlessness? . . . Slowly!"  "Little tiny successes all build into a wonderful strong belief."

    "Describe everything that happens in terms of your own power. . . . You will then automatically begin looking for more instances of this new found ability to affect the world."

    ". . . turning your focus inwards and noticing what was already there."
    1. Complaining/being negative begins to feel uncomfortable.

    2. Underlying feeling of things having "picked up"/optimism, excitement about the future.

    3. Noticed that my life has started to reflect my new positive outlook.

    4. Getting a hint of my own power and ability.
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