Chapter 2: Examine Speech and Communication

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  1. Speech and Communication Exam
    • Expressive function 
    • Receptive function
    • Global aphasia
    • Nonverbal communication
  2. Expressive Function
    Examine fluency of speech and speech production
  3. Nonfluent Aphasia
    • Broca's motor aphasia, expressive aphasia
    • A central language disorder in which speech is typically awkward, restricted, interrupted, and produced with effort
    • Result of lesion involving 3rd frontal convolution of L hemisphere (Broca's area)
  4. Verbal Apraxia
    • Impairment of volitional articulatory control
    • Secondary to a cortical, dominant hemisphere lesion
  5. Dysarthria
    • Impairment of speech production
    • Results from damage to central or peripheral nervous system
    • Causes weakness, paralysis, or incoordination of motor-speech system (respiration, articulation, phonation, and movements of jaw and tongue)
  6. Receptive Function
    Examine Comprehension
  7. Fluent Aphasia
    • Wernicke's aphasia, receptive aphasia
    • A central language disorder 
    • Spontaneous speech is preserved and flows smoothly
    • Auditory comprehension is impaired 
    • Result of a lesion in the posterior first temporal gyrus of the L hemisphere (Wernicke's area)
  8. Global Aphasia
    • Severe aphasia
    • Examine for marked impairments in comprehension and production of language
  9. Nonverbal Communication
    • Examine ability to read and write
    • Use of gestures, symbols, and pictographs
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