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  1. A 30 min settling test indicates a to rapidly settling sludge. pinpoint floc is occuring in the secondary clarifier. what would most likely fix the situation. waste or increase tank D.O?
    Gradually increase the sludge wasting rate.
  2. Mixed liqour sampe is good, yet the supernatant of the plant effluent is turbid. In which tank are the problems occuring?
    Secondary clarifier
  3. A predominance of flagellates and amoeboids would indicate a high svi and: high or low mcrt / high or low mlss?
    high f/m and mlss
  4. T or F- the greatest limiting factor with proper operation of activated sludge is associated with mixed liqour-settling properties.
  5. T or F- the f/m ratio and the svi tend to chnge in the same direction.
    True High f/m=high svi
  6. observation: white,thick billowing or sudsy foam oon the areation tank surface . is it low mlss, or high mlss
    low mlss     young bugs
  7. floc rising in clarifier. mixed liquor is settability test settles fairly well with a clear supernatant. Probable cause?
    gas entrapment in floc, or denitrification
  8. what is the largst flow a c-operator can operate by himself?
    one million gallon a day plant.
  9. excessive dark tan foam, almost black with rotten egg odor, whats the problem?
    too low D.O
  10. how might you correct a white foam problem in the aeration tank
    decrease WAS
  11. what should be done when there is large amounts of dark scum on the surface of the aeration tank?
    increase WAS rate
  12. T or F- is step feed aeration mode intended to dilute an influent with a high demand.
  13. can the mcrt being to long cause large amounts of dark scum on the surface of the aeration tank?
  14. whats the name of the waste treatment pond thats used to treat raw wastewater called?
    stabilization pond
  15. what should be done if there is a very high influent BOD
    Increase RAS and decrease wasting
  16. decrease in temp. will cause what to happen to the bugs?
    decrease in bug population
  17. the ability of water to hold D.O is increased or decreased as the water temp. rises?
    decrease. note: cl2 better disinfcts in warmer temp.
  18. in an activated sludge plant, if the D.O ( in the aeration tank) suddenly decreases and the aerators are not a problem, what is the most reasonable cause?
    increased organic load
  19. is volatile acid alkalinity the most important test for an anaerobic digester?
  20. T or F- white foam can be generated when the mixed liquor concentration is low?
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