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  1. It's the only state name that can be typed using the letters on only one row of the standard keyboard
  2. He wrote the 1971 opener "We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold"
    Hunter S. Thompson
  3. This author had a bitter feud with Michael Moore over the title of a 2004 documentary
    Ray Bradbury
  4. On February 25, 1956, he gave a speech "On the Personality Cult and Its Consequences", seen as an attack on his predecessor
  5. They're the 2 states with the highest percentage of people who speak French at home
    Louisinana & Maine
  6. At his term's end, Ronald Reagan took an office in an L.A. high-rise, still a mess from the filming of this 1988 thriller
    Die Hard
  7. To prepare venues hosting this event, 12 billion perennial ryegrass seeds were imported from Manitoba, 5,000 miles away
    The World Cup
  8. Describing anything very showy, in architecture it refers to a style using curves like tongues of fire
  9. A U.S. No. 1 in 1977, it was performed the night before Carl XVI Gustaf's 1976 wedding to Silvia Sommerlath
    Dancing Queen
  10. A park, elementary school & medical pavilion named for Herbert Hoover are found in this 2-word California city
    Palo Alto
  11. The ancient Greeks derived the name of this evil sorceress from a verb meaning "to plot"
  12. Nothing is known of his early life in England before 1600 or of the end of his life in North America after June 22, 1611
    Henry Hudson
  13. Not in the 10 longest, this 1,560-mile river in a fertile basin flows by 29 cities of over 100,000 people
    the Ganges
  14. In 1863 he used the epigraph "I have gathered's flowers, & nothing but the thread that binds them is mine own"
    John Bartlett
  15. Winner of a Tony for Best Musical, it culminates with an induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
    Jersey Boys
  16. After his death, he was given full military honors in Greece before his body was returned home for burial at his baronial seat
    Lord Byron
  17. After England, more Shakespeare plays are set in this present-day country than in any other
  18. Efforts to save historic treasures threatened by the creation of the Aswan High Dam led UNESCO to create this list
    World Heritage Sites
  19. It is mentioned in the motto on Minnesota's flag & is depicted on Alaska's
    The North Star
  20. This word for a process that leads to the solution to a problem comes from the Arabic name of a 9th century mathematician
  21. The street address of his presidential library is 40 Presidential Drive
  22. #6In 1702 Thomas Savery wrote of one of his designs, "Such an engine will do the work or labour of ten or twelve" these
  23. In 1858 rule of India went from the East India Company to the British Crown & Lord Canning became the first holder of this title
    Viceroy of India
  24. Characters in this epic 4,002-line poem include Count Ogier, Duke Thierry & Archbishop Turpin of Reims
    The Song of Roland
  25. 1 of 2 performers to win 2 Best Actor Oscars for films that won Best Picture
    Brando or Dustin Hoffman
  26. In 1846 it had 200 people; 14 years later, thanks to a discovery, it had over 50,000, making it No. 15 in the country
    San Francisco
  27. This North American river first sailed by Europeans in 1534 is named for a man who was martyred in Rome in the 3rd century
    the St. Lawrence River
  28. An early TV ad for this candy bar featured a fleur-de-lis flag & a song with the lyrics "fun for all"
    3 Musketeers
  29. A line in this short story is "Slowly, awkwardly trying out his feelers, which he now first learned to appreciate..."
  30. In 1170 he said, "I am ready to die for my Lord, that in my blood the Church may obtain liberty and peace"
    St. Thomas Becket
  31. Still around, these 2 rival companies began with a 1744 sale of "scarce & valuable books" & a 1766 sale of chamber pots
    Christie's & Sotheby's
  32. His headstone in Rome reads in part: "This grave contains all that was mortal, of a young English poet"
    John Keats
  33. Found near Amsterdam in 2010, a 1606 stock certificate from this long-defunct company has been valued at $750,000
    Dutch East India Company
  34. The difference of this southern state's highest & lowest points is only 345 feet, the smallest disparity among the states
  35. "Iowa Stubborn" was the second song heard in this show when it opened on Broadway in 1957
    The Music Man
  36. Dr. Hugh Cairns, who tried but couldn't save the life of this man in May 1935, became a pioneer in the use of motorcycle helmets
    TE Lawrence
  37. In 1982, 72 years after his death, he became the first person inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians
    Mark Twain
  38. He said a 2009 exhibit was the 1st time taxpayers' money was used "to hang my pictures up rather than scrape them off"
  39. In the Red Star in 1976, Capt. Yuri Gavrilov coined this nickname for a U.K. politician who had made a speech against the USSR
    The Iron Lady
  40. Meaning "waterless place" this 500,000-square-mile area lies in what's called a "rain shadow" of the Himalayas
    Gobi Desert
  41. This European city hosted the northernmost Summer Games, also the first where Soviet athletes participated
    Helsinki, Finland
  42. In 1923 Fanny Brice made news by having this procedure, later rejected by a woman portraying her
    a nose job
  43. Set to the song "You've Got Time", a montage of real women who were incarcerated is in the opening credits of this series
    Orange is the New Black
  44. Present name of an island settled by Europeans in the 1490s, today the most populous island in the Americas
  45. He was the last English monarch to die in battle
    Richard III
  46. The 1853 dedication of "12 Years a Slave" was to this woman author "whose name... is identified with the Great Reform"
    Harriet Beecher Stowe
  47. The flag of Burundi has stars representing the Twa & these 2 other ethnic groups much in the news in the 1990s
    Hutu & Tutsi
  48. Inspired by the 5th letter of the Greek alphabet, its symbol includes 2 horizontal lines to represent stability
    The Euro
  49. With a total of 5 wins, they're the only 2 Best Actress winners who were known professionally by the same last name
    Katherine & Audrey Hepburn
  50. In the mid-1960s, a decade after it first appeared in a holiday tale, this word came to be used for any mean killjoy
  51. Celebrated in April, National Robotics Week honors this man who coined the word "robotics" in a 1941 short story
    Isaac Asimov
  52. One of the 3 European Union countries besides the United Kingdom that have not switched to driving on the right
    Ireland, Cyprus & Malta
  53. Its sculptor asked for prayer that this work would "endure until the wind and the rain alone shall wear them away"
    Mt. Rushmore
  54. One of the top 20, this 1946 film was based on a short story published as "The Man Who Was Never Born"
    It's a Wonderful Life
  55. In 2004 the dollar replaced the guilder as the monetary unit of this country
  56. The narrator mistakes the presence of this title creature for the wind & later calls it prophet
    The Raven
  57. The romantic balcony seen here is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this Italian city
  58. The first birthday celebration mentioned in the Bible takes place in Genesis 40 & is in honor of this ruler
    Pharoah of Egypt
  59. The first man in the 20th century to hold all 4 federally elected offices: congressman, senator, vice president & president
  60. The peat bogs of Dartmoor, England inspired the fictional home of the beastly title character in this 1902 tale
    The Hound of the Baskervilles
  61. For this 1971 film the reference is to the 1948 film "Red River"
    The Last Picture Show
  62. In 1986 the Surgeon General called this "the best rescue technique in any choking situation"
    the Heimlich Maneuver
  63. This product's website has stated, "Helping imagination take shape for over 50 years!" & "Fun to (use), not to eat"
  64. This city of 650,000 people is the most populous U.S. city not found in a U.S. state
    Washington, DC
  65. Technically this monarch is the head of state of 16 countries including Jamaica & New Zealand
    Elizabeth II
  66. This 8'2" character who made his debut in 1969 is still going strong
    Big Bird
  67. The remains for Arlington's first monument to unknown soldiers mostly came from this battlefield 30 miles away
    Bull Run
  68. First encountered in 1648 by a man born in Russia, it was eventually named after a man born in Denmark
    The Bering STrait
  69. In 1940 House Representative from Oklahoma Lyle Boren denounced it as a "dirty, lying, filthy manuscript"
    The GRapes of Wrath
  70. He once said, "It is through fantasy that children achieve catharsis. It is the best means they have for taming wild things"
    Maurice Sendak
  71. One critic called them "a social phenomenon", "the most widely recognised group... since John, Paul, George & Ringo"
    The Spice Girls
  72. Of the 5 cities mentioned in Shakespeare play titles, it's the only one not found in Europe
  73. In this year, there were no presidents or vice presidents running, but 3 of the 4 men on the 2 major party ballots would become president
  74. Set in the Great Depression, this 2006 novel has an epigraph from "Horton Hatches the Egg"
    Water for Elephants
  75. Its first chapter recalls "the little scallop-shell of pastry, so richly sensual under its severe, religious folds"
    Rememberance of Things Past
  76. This capital city, which at 12,330 miles is farthest from Madrid, is named for a soldier who spent time in Madrid
  77. In an 1893 opera that was its composer's greatest success, Peter & Gertrud are the parents of these 2 characters
    Hansel & Gretel
  78. These 2 islands that begin with the same letter, are linked by the 33.5-mile Seikan rail tunnel, the world's longest in operation
    Honshu & Hokkaido
  79. The 3 Latin phrases found in the Constitution are "pro tempore", "ex post facto" & this legal 2-word phrase
    Habeus Corpus
  80. As of 2013, this 3-letter verb common in sports, theater & politics has the largest entry in the online OED
  81. This is the only state that honors a former U.S. Secretary of State with his own legal holiday
  82. This NFL team's logo is the only one that is a plant
    The New Orleans Saints
  83. The Hiram Bingham Highway, opened in 1948, is the last leg linking Machu Picchu with this World Heritage site, a city about 50 miles off
  84. After Washington & FDR, he is, perhaps fittingly, the president who appointed the most Supreme Court justices
  85. Accepting his 1922 Nobel Prize in Stockholm, he spoke of "the intellectual solidarity" in the Scandinavian countries
  86. This machine was invented in 1929; the Government began buying them to help prevent any more Army Air Corps fatalities
    the flight simulator
  87. The fifth king & the eighth king of this name share the distinction of both having been proclaimed king but never crowned
  88. In 1915 his reasons for naturalization included "having lived and worked in England for the best part of forty years"
    Henry James
  89. he first conversation recounted in the Bible is in Genesis 3, between these 2; it leads to trouble
    Eve & the Serpent
  90. A restaurant chain took its name from a British band's fourth chart-topper, this 1967 song
    Ruby Tuesday
  91. Although she has appeared in only 2 Broadway musicals, she got Tony nominations for both, for 1962 & 1964
    Barbra Steisand
  92. A popular product was born when Jean Naigeon of this city substituted the juice of unripe grapes for vinegar
  93. Named around 1616, it's the world's fifth-largest island & the largest named after a person
    Baffin Island
  94. Losses in this event included 12 chests of souchong
    The Boston Tea Party
  95. A chapter heading in this 19th century work calls the title character "one-eyed, lame", another calls him "deaf"
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  96. This country's coat of arms features a palm tree & a 19th Century American sailing ship
  97. This title 1864 adventure is embarked upon by a descent into Iceland's Mount Sneffels
    Journey to the Center of the Earth
  98. Subtract a letter from the name of a keystroke found in computer commands & you get this violent reaction to social change
  99. Today this company markets more than 100 times the number of products found in a slogan it used in 1896
  100. He was featured on the September 22, 1947 cover of Time with the caption "He and the boss took a chance"
    Jackie Robinson
  101. It became a colony of the U.S. in 1898, a commonwealth in 1935 & an independent country in 1946
    the Philiines
  102. 2012 poll by Britain's national army museum voted this man, born in 1732, as the nation's greatest military enemy
    George Washington
  103. "His madness being stronger than any other faculty", he "resolved to have himself dubbed a knight by the first person he met"
    Don Quixote
  104. He received a real obituary in the Albuquerque Journal last year nothing his "...long battle with lung cancer"
    Walter White
  105. John Williams said his music for this event, not a film, tried to capture "the spirit of cooperation, of heroic achievement"
    1984 Olympic Games
  106. A key scene of this sitcom's 2014 finale after 9 seasons was actually filmed in season 2
    How I Met Your Mother
  107. Both making news in June, these 2 Davids with similar last names are LeBron's new coach & Eric Cantor's conqueror
    Davit Blatt & David Brat
  108. Among its firsts are underwater auto tunnel to a foreign country & corp. to net more than $1 billion in a single year
  109. He came to power 34 days before FDR & left it 19 days after him
  110. In the 400-page book "Agatha Christie A to Z", entries beginning with this 6-letter word start on page 224 & end on 238
  111. In 1936 at age 79, he published an article in Esquire magazine in which he described how to pick a jury
    Clarence Darrow
  112. In May 1980 over 200 leaders from more than 120 countries attended his funeral in Belgrade
  113. This metaphor used by Shakespeare & Coleridge to denote an ending is based on a legend that never really happens in nature
    swan song
  114. She was born near London; her mother, near Madrid
    Bloody Mary Tudor
  115. 11 movie soundtrack albums by this performer hit the Billboard Top 10, with 4 hitting No. 1
    Elvis Presley
  116. The title character of this 2013 film was played by David Tomlinson, who was actually seen only in clips from a 1964 film
    Saving Mr. Banks
  117. The Holy Roman Empire from 800 to 1806 was the first; the German empire from 1871 to 1918 was the second
  118. In "Godspell" this character leads the company in singing, "Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord"
    John the Baptist
  119. At 200 miles, this capital of just over a million people is the continental capital closest to London
  120. In 1937 his sister said he had "hats of every description" which he would use as a "foundation of his next book"
    Dr. Seuss
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