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  1. reformar
    do up  

    it would cost a huge amount of money to do up a big house like that.
  2. cuanto piden?
    How much are they asking?
  3. algo mas
    just over

    Just over four hundred and fifty thousand pounds
  4. zona pija
    • posh area.
    • /pɒʃ/
  5. con necesidad de
    in need of 

    in need of modernization   /ˌmɒdənaɪˈzeɪʃən/
  6. bloque de pisos
    block of flats

  7. planta baja
    on the ground floor
  8. tercera planta
    on the third floor

    i've got a flat on the third floor
  9. subir las escaleras
    • to climb
    • to go up

    so I have to climb / go up the stairs to reach my flat
  10. ascensor
    lift [lɪft]
  11. por el contrario
    on the contrary  /kənˈtrɛərɪ/
  12. llegar a (un sitio)
    to reach 

    • to reach my flat
    • para llegar a mi piso
  13. enfrente
    opposite [ˈɒpəzɪt]
  14. con una vista genial de
    with a great view of
  15. el parque frente al edificio
    the park opposite the building.
  16. edificio
    building [ˈbɪldɪŋ]
  17. ser propietario

    my parents own their house

    • mis padres son propietario de su casa
    • tienen su propia casa
  18. cerca de
    she live near her University
  19. asi que

    so  she has to pay a lot of money
  20. debido al hecho / debido a que
    due to the fact that
  21. reciben mucho sol / les dan mucho el sol
    get a lot of sun
  22. calefacción y aire acondicionado
    She has got central heating and air conditioning and the flat is in good condition.

    •  /ˈhiːtɪŋ/
    • /kənˈdɪʃənɪŋ/
  23. casa independiente
    detached house  /dɪˈtætʃt/
  24. casa dosada
    • terraced house 
    • /ˈterəst/
  25. en ruina
    run down
  26. se ve estropeada

    en malas condiciones
    it looks run down
  27. diez sobre diez
    ten out of ten

    • That's better. It's a good residential area, convenient for the shops and the station.
    • Ten out of ten. Let's make an appointment to view this one.
  28. teja
    tile [taɪl]

    • There’s a couple of tiles missing there.
    • faltan un par de tejas
  29. doble cristal

  30. escalera
    staircase [ˈstɛəkeɪs]
  31. encanto  atractivo
    charm [tʃɑːm]

    • The house has considerable charm and character 
    • /kənˈsɪdərəbl/
  32. renovar la instalacion eléctrica
    rewire [ˈriːˈwaɪə

    We'll have to re-wire this room.
  33. yeso
    plaster [ˈplɑːstər]
  34. renovacion
  35. It'll need a complete make-over
    It'll look great with a bit of love and care.
  36. lavamanos
    basin [ˈbeɪsn]

    basin and shower and toilet.
  37. una mano de pintura
    it'll look much better with a coat of paint 

    coat [kəʊt] ( abrigo)
  38. quitar el papel pintado
  39. I think we'd have to strip the wallpaper and re-plaster the walls and ceiling.
  40. hacer negocio
    profit [ˈprɒfɪt]  beneficio

    I think we can do it up and make a profit. 
  41. beneficio
    profit [ˈprɒfɪt]
  42. invernadero, terraza cerrada
  43. una capa de pintura
    a coat of paint.
  44. permiso de obras
    planning permission
  45. abrirse
  46. Or you could open up the kitchen into the living room.
  47. ventilado, espacioso
    it's already quite spacious and airy
  48. tirar a bajo
    If you knocked this wall down, we could build an arch through to the dining room.
  49. alcanzar un precio
    alcanzara ese precio
    • three hundred and eighty thousand pounds. But none of the estate agents think
    • it will fetch that.
    • /fetʃ/
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