BIOL189 Ex2 Jeopardy Genetics

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  1. A
    lizard has a scale color gene which can have yellow or blue variants. Is scale
    color the gene or the alleles?
  2. ·        
    In a genetic cross, what do you breed to
    get the F2 generation?
    F1 crossed with F1
  3. ·        
    Why would you do a test cross?
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    • to determine the genotype of an unknown by
    • crossing with a homozygous recessive
  4. ·        
    You breed a Gg individual with a GG
    individual. What goes on the two sides of the Punnett square (30 sec)
    • ·        
    • 'G', 'g'; 'G', 'G'
  5. ·        
    Which of Mendel's principles requires at
    least two genes?
    • ·        
    • independent assortment
  6. ·        
    What does 'true-breeding' mean?
    • ·        
    • repeated matings produce the same phenotype
  7. ·        
    Is an individual with a 'tt' genotype
    homozygous or heterozygous?
    • ·        
    • homozygous
  8. A fly
    has small wings (vv) and a black body (bb). What is its phenotype?

    • small
    • wings, black body
  9. ·        
    The chromosome theory of inheritance combines two different
    ideas. What are they?
    • ·        
    • Mendel's inheritance with meiosis
  10. If
    the chance of being tall was 1/3 and the chance or being green-eyed is 1/3,
    what is the change of being tall AND green-eyed?

    • 1/3 *
    • 1/3 = 1/9
  11. ·        
    Give an example of a phenotype that is probably polygenic.
    • ·        
    • anything with many different levels, such as skin color,
    • height, disease susceptibility, etc
  12. If
    you mate a hairy plant with a smooth plant and obtain a slightly hairy plant,
    this is an example of _____.

    • incomplete
    • dominance
  13. ·        
    If two individuals don't have a trait, but their offspring
    does have the trait, is the trait dominant or recessive?
    • ·        
    • recessive
  14. ·        
    What is pleiotropy?

    • one
    • gene affects many traits
  15. ·        
    If the distance between genes P and Q is 30 units, the
    distance between P and Y is 20 units, and the distance between Q and Y is 10
    units, which gene is between the other two?
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