BIOL189 EX2 Jeopardy Short Answers

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  1. ·        
    An organism which must use organic
    molecules as a carbon source is called a heterotroph. Organisms that fix carbon
    from carbon dioxide are called what?
  2. ·        
    The source of energy in cellular
    respiration is ___.
  3. ·        
    What is the function of NADH and FADH2?
    electron shuttles
  4. ·        
    Where are the electron transport chain and
    ATP synthase in the cell, specifically?
    • o  
    • inner mitochondrial membrane, or cristae
  5. ·        
    Which kind to ATP phosphorylation requires
    oxygen to complete?
    • o  
    • Electron transport chain with ATP syntase, aka
    • oxidative phosphorylation
  6. ·        
    What are the tiny holes in leaves that
    allow gas exchange called?
  7. ·        
    Name the two stages of photosynthesis, and
    where each occurs in the chloroplast.
    • o  
    • light reactions (thylakoid membrane), Calvin
    • cycle (chloroplast stroma)
  8. ·        
    What is the function of water in the light
    • o  
    • provide electrons to photosystem II
  9. During
    the day, are plants doing photosynthesis only, cellular respiration only, or
  10. ·        
    If a plant was removing carbon dioxide
    from the air during the day, could it be a C4 plant?
    • ·        
    • yes- only CAM plants store up carbon at night
  11. ·        
    Name the four phases of mitosis in order.
    • ·        
    • prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
  12. ·        
    Which phase of mitosis has the sister
    chromatids separating?
    • ·        
    • Anaphase
  13. ·        
    Which of these are the same length and
    have the same genes, but are not identical: sister chromatids or homologous
    • ·        
    • homologous chromosomes
  14. ·        
    True or false: Independent orientation of
    chromosomes means that all of the chromosomes from one parent are attached
    together and they will all line up on the same side of the metaphase plate.
  15. ·        
    During what phase of meiosis do homologous
    chromosomes line up together?
    metaphase I
  16. ·        
    In a genetic cross, what do you breed to
    get the F2 generation?
    • ·        
    • F1 within itself
  17. ·        
    How many representatives of each
    homologous chromosome does a haploid have?
  18. ·        
    You breed a Gg individual with a GG
    individual. What goes on the two sides of the Punnett square
    • ·        
    • 'G', 'g' and 'G' on the other side
  19. ·        
    A fly has small wings (vv) and a black
    body (bb). What is its phenotype?
    • ·        
    • small wings and black body
  20. ·        
    Which of Mendel's principles requires at
    least two genes?
    • ·        
    • Independent assortment
  21. ·        
    If two individuals don't show a particular
    trait, but their offspring does have the trait, is the trait dominant or
    • ·        
    • recessive (only recessive traits 'skip'
    • generations)
  22. Give
    an example of a phenotype that is probably polygenic.
    • ·        
    • height, skin color, etc.
  23. What
    is pleiotropy?

    one gene affects many traits
  24. If
    the chance of being tall was 1/3 and the chance of being green-eyed is 1/3,
    what is the change of being tall AND green-eyed?

    1/3 * 1/3 = 1/9 (law of multiplication)
  25. If we
    did a cross and expected to see 25% of each possible phenotype and we instead
    saw that 90% were of two of the types and only 10% were the other two, what can
    we tell about these genes?
    they are linked genes
  26. The chromosome theory of inheritance combines two different ideas. What
    are they?
    meiosis (chromosomal separation) and Mendel's genetic inheritance
  27. Identify the final electron acceptor from the electron transport chain
    for (1) cellular respiration and (2) photosynthesis. Make sure to identify the
    form that has not yet picked up the electron.
    (1)oxygen (2) NADP+
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